Rope Bondage - Breast Harness, Pictures and Techniques

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breast harness
A good breast harness is an important part of rope bondage. In addition to its esthetic values, it can be attached to an overhead support, and can keep your partner from falling if she should pass out.
breast bondage techniques
To make a breast harness, you will need two 30-foot lengths of 5/16-inch rope. Take one length of rope, double it, and run the end through the loop, centering it at your partner's back.
breast bondage
Wrap the rope around the front of the body, from left to right, so it is pulling against the loop.
rope harness bondage
Continue wrapping the rope around to the back, under the breasts.
breast harness pictures and rope bondage techniques
Pull the rope through the loop formed when you wrapped the rope, and begin wrapping in the opposite direction. When you come around to the back again, pass the rope through the loop, and reverse direction again. Continue until you have eight strands of rope.

Pass the end of the rope through the loop, and secure it with a half hitch.

Pull the ends of the rope taut.

It should look like this.
breast harness techniques
Form a figure-8 knot in the ends of the rope. To do this, first make a loop in the rope, like this.
breast harness techniques
Then, instead of putting the ends of the rope through the loop, give the loop a half twist first, like this.
breast harness techniques
Pull the knot tight, and you have a support point.
breast harness techniques
Take the second piece of rope and double it. Pass the loop through one of the existing loops in the lower harness, then run the ends of the rope through the loop. Pull the rope tight to anchor it.

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