Bondage technique: G-String Tie

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This tie is from John Willieís Bizzare magazine, which he published sporadically from 1948 to 1959.
g-string tie

This is a quick tie to do, yet comfortable to stay in all evening. It is a fun spur-of-the-moment tie that would be useful at parties and such.

I think this would be an excellent first tie for introducing someone to rope bondage: she experiences the feel of rope and restraint, but still has enough mobility that she wonít feel scared.

g-string tie bondage

Begin with a length of rope, say 30 or 40 feet long. Find the middle of the rope, and drape it over the back of her neck, so it hangs down in front.

g-string tie technique

Lead the rope to the back, so it goes under the arms, then cross it at mid-back level, and bring the ends around to the front.

rope g-string tie

Now bring the ends of the rope down through her crotch, and back up to the back.

Have her hold her wrists close together behind her back, and tie each wrist with one of the rope ends coming through her crotch. John Willie used a clove hitch for this, but it tends to get very tight and uncomfortable very quickly. Instead, we will use a French/Portuguese bowline. This is described in the French/Portuguese Bowline tutorial.

Bring the ropes around to the front and pull them taut. This will bring her wrists to her sides. Tie the rope ends together in front with a surgeonís knot. This is just like a square knot, but with a couple more twists to keep it from slipping as you tie it. First twist the left rope over the right, then twist each end one more time.

Keeping the ends taut, twist the right end over the left, and pull tight.

Put the ends together, pull them up, and tie a knot just underneath the breasts.

Bring the rope ends around to the back on each side. Wrap them around the arms and under the breasts several times.

Bring the rope ends around to the back, and tie them with a square knot or surgeons knot.

And there she is, nicely restrained, but free to wander around the party, or to dance with you.


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