Chair Bondage: Kneeling position tutorial

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Here’s a fun way to turn an armchair into a perfect platform for bondage passion. Using a single rope on each side, it incorporates the Shackle tie (shown previously for the wrists) to secure the knee, and then uses rope corsetry to secure the arm and finally a collar. As for what you can do with your partner restrained in this vulnerable kneeling position, we’ll leave that up to your imagination.

Rope length: 2 ropes, 20 to 30 feet each

Rope diameter: 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch

In the middle of the rope, form three loops large enough to go around your partner’s lower thigh. Holding them together, make a 7 by crossing the rightmost rope over all.

Wrap that rope under the left two ropes and bring it out above the third rope (itself). Drop the end away from you to keep it out of the way.

Now take the left-most rope and make an L by crossing it over the other two.

Wrap that rope under the right two ropes and bring it out above the first rope (itself). Drop the end toward you.

With your partner standing, pull the shackle up the leg, to just above the knee. To tighten it, first pull the “ears” of the knot outward to shrink the loops around the leg.

Holding the knot against the outside of the knee, pull the ends of the rope to tighten the “ears” back into the knot. Be careful not to tighten it so much that it cuts circulation.

Have your partner place that knee near the front edge of the chair and right against the arm post. Take one rope on each side of the post.

Tie a Square Knot on the outside of the post. This should be tight, since it doesn’t impact circulation.

Pull both ropes DOWN the front of the chair, UNDER the inside of the post and then UP behind the post.

With your partner’s arm flat against the armrest, bring the ropes up along the INSIDE of the armrest and around the upper part of the forearm.

Pass the ropes BEHIND the previous ropes and forward. Do NOT make a knot here.

Pull the ropes up and around the outside of the forearm. Keep tension consistent but not uncomfortably tight. Lay the ropes up against the previous wrap.

Pull the ropes around the inside of the arm and out through the loop created when they doubled back. Pull the ropes forward and back to the inside again.

Continue wrapping the arm like this with alternating loops until you reach the wrist.

Once through the final loop, pull the ropes DOWN and INSIDE the rear leg post.

Wrap them around the outside of the post and under the ascending ropes, then around the outside of the post.

Just like you wrapped the arms, continue winding interlocking loops down the leg of the chair.

After two or three loops, the ropes will be secure enough to stay, even without a finishing knot.

Repeat all the above steps on the other side using a second rope.

If your partner is wearing a collar with a ring, you can bring one pair of the remaining ropes up through the collar ring and tie off the ends to the opposite leg of the chair.


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