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The Basketing Hog-Tie is unlike the traditional hog-tie in that it fixes tyeesí legs to their upper backs, rather than to their wrists. Also, it is dynamic. This dynamic aspect of the Basketing Hog-Tie allows people who tie it to control the amount of intensity their partners experienceówith the simple pull of a rope.

Rope length: One 40 to 50 feet, two 10 to 15 feet

Rope diameter: 3/8 inch to 7/16 inch

Place the middle of the long rope behind your partnerís neck, having him or her hold the rope in a triangle at her armpits. Tie a Square Knot at chest level.

Split the dangling ends of rope apart, then pull each respective end under your partnerís chest and around to the back.

Tie the ropes together at the back using another Square Knot.

Split the dangling ends of rope back to your partnerís chest and pass their ends under and through the triangle of rope your partner is holding in place.

Bring the dangling ends of rope back around to your partnerís back and tie another Square Knot.

Bight the end of each respective rope up and under the loop of rope around the back of your partnerís neck.

Make the bights longer and pull them down and under the strip of rope tied across your partnerís shoulder blades.

Fish each respective dangling end of your rope through the loops of each bight.

Pull the ropes downÖ

and then pull up again to tighten them.

Weave the dangling ends of your rope under the bottom section of the X of rope at the small of your partnerís back.

Now have your partner lie belly-down on the floor.

Using the Basic Wrap, use one of the shorter ropes to tie your partnerís wrists. Use the other short rope to tie your partnerís ankles in another wrap.

Pass the dangling rope ends of your chest harness under the rolls of the Basic Wrap tied around your partnerís ankles.

Pull the dangling rope ends back toward your partnerís shoulder blades.

Thread the dangling rope ends under and up through the opening above the Square Knot tied at your partnerís shoulder blades.

At this point, the piece is essentially complete.

To tighten (and draw the ankles up to the back), pull the rope ends upÖ

until the desired tension (or basketing) is achieved.

To loosen the tension, simply allow slack for you partner to relax.


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