Bridle - bondage tutorial

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Hold your horses! We Two Knotty Boys believe that unbridled passion isnít nearly as fun as bridled passion. If you ever have a desire to try pony play or effectively control your submissive by the head, this piece canít be beat. You can even tie it once, throw it in your kit bag, and use it as needed, again and again.

Rope length: 10 to 15 feet

Rope diameter: 1/4 inch preferable

At the middle of the rope, make an S shape.

Hold one side of the S securely while you wrap the lowest rope all the way around all three sections of rope.

Pull the end of the rope (that you just used to wrap) through itself to form an overhand knot that pinches the ropes together tightly.

Tie the same overhand knot on the other side.

Be sure the overhand knots pinch their loops as tightly as possible.

Make sure all three ropes are equal length. You knot aficiondos might notice that you have just made what looks kind of like a sheepshank, only this is more secure.

Push the sides together to open up the piece.

Then have your partner bite on the middle rope while you place the bottom rope under the jaw and the upper rope under the nose.


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