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For centuries a staple knot for fishermen and sailors, this simple knot isnít really a knot, but just a series of twists. We find it perfect for tying single wrists or ankles to bedposts! Itís superfast to tie, looks great, and doesnít tighten up when you donít want it to. No matter how hard your tyee pulls, it wonít come loose, it wonít cinch up, and it stays safe even through intense struggling (heaven forbid). Yet itís easy to loosen up and untie.

Rope length: 10 to 15 feet each

Rope diameter: 7/16 inch to 1/2 inch

With both hands holding the rope about two feet apart, droop the middle of the rope down to form the shape of a letter M, as in ďMmmmmÖ bondage.Ē

With both hands, twist the top loops of the M in opposite directions.

Keep twisting the loops an equal number of times. Four or five twists work nicely for the wrists.

Now place the top loops side by side. Make sure the loops stay open.

Holding them together, place both loops over your partnerís hand and onto the wrist.

Tighten the knot by using one hand to slide all the twists up against the wrist, while holding the loose ends of the rope with your other hand.

ďThe wrist is history,Ē as they say. Tie the ends around your nearest bedpost or other anchor point. Repeat these steps for the other wrist.

To undo this knot, simply loosen it by pulling on the very top twist. This will put slack in the twists and make it easier to spread the loops wide enough to slide them off.


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