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Here’s a beautiful technique for restraining the arms behind your partner’s body—without investing in an expensive leather “arm sock.” It also has the nice side effect of projecting your partner’s chest forward for your viewing and playing pleasure. You can also raise the arms up for unobstructed aim, or tie the piece down for intense upper body restriction. And although it looks like a lot of knots, you can untie the whole piece in under ten seconds!

Rope length: 40 to 50 feet

Rope diameter: 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch

Start with a Bow Tie Knot. Pull the loops to make them wide enough to fit over your partner’s shoulders.

Have your partner stand with arms back and parallel, about shoulder width apart. Now slip the large bow loops up your partner’s arms.

Slide the loops up the arms and over the front of the shoulders.

Place the knot between the shoulder blades and pull the ends of the rope to tighten the loops around the shoulders.

Just below the knot, take both ropes together and make a clockwise turn, with ropes on top (not behind).

Press the hanging ends behind the loop…

grab them with your fingers from the front and pull the ropes toward you through the loop. This creates a Double Slipknot.

Keep pulling both ropes through the knot to create a pair of loops. Tighten the knot by firmly pulling on the top sides of the loops.

Holding the rope with one hand, make the loops larger by pulling on the lower sides of the loops.

Make the loops long enough to pass over the hands.

Slip each loop over one of the wrists.

Holding the knot with one hand, now pull the loose ends of the rope to tighten the loops.

As you pull, let the loops rise up over the arms.

Keep pulling until the loops are horizontal.

For best results, tighten the central knot of the slipknot you just finished, and start the next slipknot as close to the previous one as possible.

Repeat the previous steps: loop the ropes clockwise…

bring the loose ends behind the loop…

pull the ropes through the loop to form the Double Slipknot…

tighten the knot…

make the loops bigger…

bring the loops down to the hands…

pass them over the hands…

and tighten around the arms. (Get the idea?)

Repeat the previous steps until you’ve reached the wrists (or you’re at the end of your rope).

To secure the piece, pass one end of the rope around one of the loops…

and start wrapping the rope around the loop.

Continue wrapping until you are near the wrist.

Lift the last loop of the wrap and pass the end of the rope through it, from the inside to the outside.

Now do the same on the other side of the center knot.

Wrap the left rope around the left loop.

Lift the last loop of the wrap and pass the end through it…

and tighten loosely.

Now the piece is secure.

If you wish, pass the ropes through an overhead eyebolt and raise your partner’s arms.



If you wish to secure the piece onto the body, start by bringing the ropes under the crotch to the front.

Pass one end under the rope that comes over the shoulder.

Pull this rope all the way through under the arm.

Repeat this with the other rope on the opposite side.

Cross the rope over itself…

and bring it under both ropes.

Feed the end of the rope down the front through the loop, thus creating an overhand knot around the original rope.

Tighten this knot onto the rope that passes through it. This provides the friction needed to secure the knot when you slide it.

Repeat this on the other side.

Holding the inside rope with one hand, slide the knot down the rope by pulling on the end of the knotted rope.

Pull the rope on the other side to match. It’s like tightening suspenders (or “braces” for our readers in the U.K. or Commonwealth).

This pulls down the loops around the shoulders, keeping them from slipping off. It also makes your partner “hunker down” and feel more restricted.

It looks nice, too!

Undoing the Dragonfly Sleeve is easy. First untie the overhand knots around the front ropes.

Drop them free, back under the crotch.

Untie all the wraps around the bottom wrist loops.

Slip the top loops down off the shoulders.

Then slide all the loops down the arms at once…

and pull the entire bundle off the wrists.

Because all the loops are slipknots, you can simply pull on the ropes and all the knots will disappear like magic!


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