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Here is a sexy application of the Basic Wrap for turning a simple coffee table into a not-so-simple conundrum for your partner (or a simply great time for both of you). The same rigging can also be used for dining room tables, desks and most other four-legged furniture.

Rope length: Two 25 to 35 feet, two 10 to 20 feet

Rope diameter: 3/8 inch to 7/16 inch

With your partner lying back-down on the table, dangle each leg off the corner. Leave one fist distance between the ankle and the table leg.

Place the very middle of one of your 10 to 20 foot ropes on the outside, wrapping around the ankle and the table leg.

Wind one end of the rope two times around the ankle and table leg, winding above the first rope. Then wind the other end of the rope two times below the first rope.

When you have five flat winds of the rope (and the remaining lengths are equal), cross the top and the bottom ropes, like youíre wrapping ribbon around a package.

Begin winding each rope vertically (in opposite directions) around the five horizontal windings, toward each ropeís respective side.

To tie off the wrap, lift the last winding on each side and fish its respective rope end through the opening, from the inside to the outside. Pull the ends to tighten the wrap.

To ensure circulation, push the vertical wraps toward the table leg so there is enough space to fit one finger between the wrap and ankle.

Using your other 10 to 20 foot rope, repeat the wrap on the other ankle.

Pull both arms above your partnerís head. Using one of your longer lengths of rope, start making a Basic Wrap around the wrists, some distance apart.

Complete the Basic Wrap. You can start with the wrists as wide apart as you like, depending on the length of your rope and the width of the table.

Secure the wrists to the table by wrapping each end of the rope around the table legs, first under and to the inside, then around the outside.

Tie the ends of the rope together using a Square Knot.

You can further secure your partner to the table by wrapping the ropes several times around the table and the waist. Bring both rope ends to one side of the waist.

Cross these ropes and wind them horizontally in opposite directions around the vertical wraps, passing under your partnerís waist.

Tie off the wrap at the waist, just as you did with the wrist and ankle wraps.

Now your partner is going nowhere, and bound to enjoy a little coffee break.


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