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I always laugh to myself when I hear anyone call their wife their 'ball and chain'. It always counjors up images of little sub sitting in the front room proudly wearing hers, if only they knew - heh heh.

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Step 1.

Cut a hole on the football around the valve, this should be about two inches (50mm) across. Mix the concrete and carefully start to fill the ball. When the ball is about ? full start to tap the side of the ball with something firm, this should help settle the mixture and eliminate air bubbles.

Step 2.

Your ball is now nearly full. Dangle the chain into the hole and fill around it with more concrete. You need at least two full links under the mixture. Leave it for three days somewhere dry to cure.

Step 3.

Now carefully slit the plastic ball away with the stanley knife. Leave for a further hour to make sure it is dry, then spray paint the ball. Use the padlock to attach the collar to the chain, this goes round the sub's ankle, and you have a ball and chain ready to go.


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