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The Bondage Chair is an accessory designed for use with the Portable St. Andrew's Cross.

I've long been intrigued by a Bondage Chair's possiblities for sensual torture, particularly when used for Breast & Nipple play or erotic genitorture.  I'd had the change to see one in a Texas friend's playroom in 1998, and decided then that I wanted one for my own, but would like to save space by building it as an add on to the existing St. Andrew's Cross and keeping with the portable theme of my dungeon equipment.

The Chair seen in these pictures is the first prototype,  the Cross likewise is my prototype Cross that I test new ideas on, and is the same cross you see evolving over a 2 year span in the pictures at this web site.  In the latter pictures, you can clearly see the folding support leg that has replaced the chains and bolts that were used to set the angle in the original design.

The idea was that the Seat of the Chair would be an inverted "V", hinged to fold down into the body of the Cross when not in use, and could be left in place as the Cross was used.   So far, that hasn't worked as well as expected, but the testing goes on!    Problem areas are getting the seat to fit into the Cross opening and not block the lower support when folded for storage, and the strength of the legs that support the end of the seat.

The Cross seat is made of the same 2x6 material as the Cross, cut so that it's angles are the same.   These seat pieces are 24 inches deep, and connect to the support beam with 3" door hinges. The support beam is connected to the Cross by 1/4-20 eyebolts threaded into Tee-nuts for quick assemble and to provide two tie points for straps across the waist of the subject to keep them in the Chair.

The seat's legs are made of 2x4, attached to the bottom of the seat with table leg hardware, which can be seen on the underside of the right seat that is raised in the picture to the right. This seems to work well, but I'm wanting to find a more sturdy way of attaching the leg, and would love to manage to do it so the leg folds for storage.  


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