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The Breast Crusher is just a large clamp really. As with all the best things the idea is simple, and the effect is devastating. The clamp is opened up, and the breasts are forced between the jaws. Then the large wingnuts are slowly turned, this has the effect of applying gradually more and more pressure - and pleaseure if you are a sadistic bastard :)

This device can leave a mean set of marks behind, and it is important to note that this crusher should only be used for short periods of time to prevent any permenant damage from occuring.

breast crusher BDSM breast crusher BDSM


Step 1.

Cut out two identical panels from the plywood - see fig 1. for pattern. Drill the holes in the correct places and finish the board with sandpaper. Be sure to remove any snags and splinters. Take extra time on the edges which the saw will leave quite jaggy.

Step 2.

Spray paint the boards both sides with the black paint. When completely dry carefully hammer the upholstery nails into the front of the board at three quaters of an inch intervals. I find it easiest to hold the nail with the tip of some pin nosed pliers and gently tap them half home, then withdraw the pliers and hit the nails on in.

breast crusher BDSM Step 3.

Push the coach bolts through the base and guide them through the top board's holes. Now put the washers on the bolts and then spin the wingnuts down the threads. When they get to the bottom, tighten them slowly both at the same time to draw the square sections ot the bolts into the base. Once this step is complete, spin the wingnuts back up the threads to the top and you should have a crusher ready to use.


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