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There are far more elaborate enema kits than this very basic one about. But this one is very easy to make and use. It is designed to be used with warm water (about ?-1 pint (?-? litre)).

enema BDSM


Step 1.

Remove the stopper from the hot water bottle and carefully bore a hole through it with a drill bit just larger than the tubing. Push the tube through the hole and secure in place with the glue.

Step 2.

Take the outside of the Canistan applicator (remove the plunger etc.) and push it onto the tube - do not glue this in place - this will enable easy removal for cleaning purposes. Add a meat hook to the hole in the bottom of the water bottle and you are all done!


Put the fluid into the the bottle. Secure the stopper in place. Syphon the fluid down the pipe and clamp it when it reaches the tip of the tube. Add the smooth rounded tip to the tube (a tiny bit of KY will also be appreciated on the tip) and off you go. Hang the bottle up nice and high and it will slowly colapse as the fluid drains. This has the effect of eliminating any air from being forced into the reciever's bottom (this can cramp awfully). Once all the fulid has drained... remove the pipe and make them beg for release - heh heh.


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