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To be completely honest, I had never heard of a Shrew's Fiddle before embarking on this project. The topic arose in a news group as to if there were plans anywhere for this medievil device. Curious, I posted a reply to say if anyone could tell me what one was, I would build one and post the plans here! Here it is as promised RAMM *grin*. For the people out there looking at it with puzzled looks on their faces - it is worn like a set of mini stocks, with the fists in front of the face.

fiddle BDSM fiddle BDSM


Step 1.

Cut out two identical panels from the pine - see fig 1. for pattern. Note: this was designed for a slim female sub, if you intend using this on a bloke you will need to slightly adjust the size of the holes. Finish the board with sandpaper. Be sure to remove any snags and splinters. Take extra time on the edges which the saw may leave jaggy.

Step 2.

Next, cut out the 'chin rest' and 'machine head' from the pine and sand smooth. You will need two identical 'machine heads' and two identical 'chin rest' pieces - see fig 2. for the 'machine head' pattern. Look at the picture to see how the 'chin rest' is shaped, and use your main body as a pattern for it.

fiddle BDSM Step 3.

Screw the 'chin rest's onto the main body of the fiddle (do this from below to hide the screw heads), this should bulk up the width on the bottom edge of the fiddle enough to easily accept the 1" (25mm) Flapback Hinge.

Step 4.

Drill two holes into each 'machine head' (as shown in fig 2.) and screw two parts of the barrel hinges into the holes on each 'machine head'. This will give the tuning key look. Now attach the two 'machine heads' into the cut outs on the main body. When you put the two halves together you should now have something that reasembles the end product. Varnish the two halves and allow to dry.

fiddle BDSM Step 5.

Cut some leather off cuts into squares and roll them up into cigar size tubes. Using the staple gun, line the wrist holes and neck hole with rolled up leather. This will make the wearing of the fiddle easier over prolonged periods.

Step 6.

Finally, fix the hinge to the back and attach the eccentric clasp to the front. I used a nice little brass padlock to secure it shut, this has the bonus of making a great clattering noise when the fiddle is moved on the victi... errrr I mean volenteer - heh heh.


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