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After the kind comments that I received about my floggers at The Bridge I thought it would be good to put the plans for one here. The Flogger, whilst looking quite imposing, is really quite easy to make. Whilst it looks impressive, with a braided handle and big nailed ends, it is easy to make if broken down into small stages - yes, even you could do it!

The best way for me to explain how to make your own flogger is to break it down into easy to follow steps, therefore I have put each step on a seperate page. This should make it easy to follow and less confusing to read. Right, on with the show...

flogger BDSM


Step 1.

Take your bat (or stout broom handle) and cut off 9" (220mm) from the end. Then sand the stump all over nice and lightly to give a key for the paint to stick to, and remove all sharp edges.

Now spray the whole thing black and allow it to dry.

flogger BDSM


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