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Tack Bras are great fun to play with. This design is pretty cool as it is made without ruining a bra, and the inserts can be put into any of the sub's lingere (eg, basques, push-ups, corsets *ouch*). What you are actually making here is a pair of spikey inserts that slip into the cups in much the same way as a pad in a push-up bra does... only these are far more fun!


Step 1.

Using the bra as a guide, cut four 'cup-shaped' pieces from the card. What you should end up with is four identical pieces (or two pairs).

Step 2.

Place two of the cards face down on something soft (like a sofa cushion) and fire staples all over them. The staples will go right on through the card and poke out the other side. When the back of both cards is liberally covered, use the white paper glue to fasten the remaining two pieces of card onto the stapled cards - thus covering the heads of the staples from sight. This will stop them being pushed back through the card when *cough* pressure is put on the points of the staples later on :)

Step 3.

When the inserts are dry (about 10 minutes) they are ready to be inserted into a bra. This makes a great tack bra by itself. There is an extra option that you can do with this. If you cover the first piece of card with silver foil *before* putting the staples through you will be able to connect the cups up to an electrical play box and "zap them babs!"

Please note: You must follow the manufacturers instructions with regard to electrical units, some of which stipulate NO PLAY ABOVE THE WAIST.

It really doesn't need saying, but if you use different things for the pattern you can make different inserts (panties for example for that matching set). Use square of flat card and slide the inserts into scatter cushions to make spikey seats. Or if you take a loo roll tube and cut it through, add the staples, then white glue another on top, it could be used for CBT. This would need to be taped or tied in place though... have a play around with the idea and see what you can come up with.

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