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self gagged girl Panty gagged selfie.

Good girl! Hope those are all dirty panties!

self ring gagged girl First gagged selfie, first ringgag too!

Looks great! Hope there was lots of drool on your lingerie!

ring gagged selfie This is one way to shut me up.

That would make lots of choking sounds...

self ball gagged girl

Would you use me while Iím gagged?

girl gagged selfie

Work gagged selfie.

self gagged girl

A gagged selfie hello from my car.

self gagged girl

Where would one get a gag like that? All of the ones I can find are always too small or crappy looking. This one looks nice!

self tape gagged girl

Tape gag selfie.

public gagged selfie

A gagged selfie from my drive home.

tape gagged selfie

Gagged selfie in pantyhose.

self gagged schoolgirl

Schoolgirl Gagged Selfie.

ball gagged selfie

Gagged selfie in bed.

gagged selfie

Upside down gagged selfies.

drooling gagged selfie

Itís hard taking cute selfies with this gag in.

gagged selfie clamps

Self Gagged Self Clamped Selfie.

cleave gagged selfie Gagged in the trunk of a car. Now what are you going to do with me?

First of all I would put that mouth to good use. Then, for the rest of the ride, I would stuff your panties in your mouth and wrap it up good, with lots of duct tape.


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