Girl and boys self bondage pictures, handcuff and tape

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cheerleader self bondage Self bondage cheerleader

I was wondering if putting a padlock in the middle of the handcuffs would stop me from escaping?

black tape self bondage First time trying self bondage. Using black tape.

I held one end of the tape in-between my wrists then used my mouth, my loose fingers, or pressing it against something like my thigh. It was a little awkward but it eventually worked.

selfbondage anime Home self bondage anime.

Cool except no way she could do that self tie. More believable with handcuffs.

girl black tape selfbondage Self-bondage with black tape picture.

You need to do this same thing but completely naked.

garage handcuffs self bondage Tape gagged handcuffs self bondage in the garage.

" soon as I'm done in the garage, I'm going to toss those old handcuffs away!"

"I lost the keys for them last week and I'm afraid if they get used, they'll need to be cut off."

"Ok hun?" "Hun...did you hear me?"

"Why aren't you answering me???"

legs tape self bondage Self-taping done to myself:)

...Just normal neon pink duct tape! I also have that tape that stick to itself specifically for bondage, but it wasnít as restricting as I wanted it.

handcuffs amateur self bondage Stockings and Cuffs

I just love amateur selfbondage. Especially with a pretty woman.

custom handcuffs for self bondage My 3D printed (custom designed) handcuffs designed for self bondage.

The lock part is extended forward so that it's easier for myself to lock the cuffs together. I can actually lock my hands behind my back with this without a way out. Just have to make sure that the nuts are tight so that I can't unscrew them with just my hands.

handcuffs punishment self bondage

Karen spread her legs wide apart and slid them through the railing. That was easy when she was lying on her back.

But now that her wrists were locked together in front of her around the railing, she knew she was in trouble.

He told her not to use these cuffs unless he was there.

Now she knew why...

There was no way for her to twist them around to reach the lock openings. And she had stupidly put them on her wrists with the openings away from her fingers. No matter anyhow...she had already dropped the keys over the railing and they fell to the floor below.

Since she was attached to the railing, she couldn't lean back and pull her legs out. Being as spread apart as they were, her knees helped lock them in place.

So she patiently sat there waiting until he came home.

She wondered what her punishment was going to be.

She started to smile.

two girls self bondage cuffed

Ashley and Gina couldn't wait to experiment with their new bondage gear. But once chained up, and in their best fetishwear, they learned a hard lesson on why you don't buy used bondage gear. Seems the enclosed keys did not match any of the locks or the cuffs. And being gagged, no one could hear their pleas for help. Being chained together, they would now cum together.

tape gagged self cuffed bondage Tape gagged cuffed, self bondage fail.

Tory realized too late that she had left the keys to the handcuffs on the table across the room. And with some ankle chains around the arm of the couch keeping her securely in one place, it was impossible to reach them. Her only hope would be her boyfriend. But he would be there soon...with 3 of his friends.

handcuffs self bondage fail

"That'll teach you not to drop your handcuff keys down between the couch cushions!"


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