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Jasmine Sinclair

This one was perfect, absolutely perfect. She qualified on all 3 counts. First, she was lovely. He only hired pretty girls ...

... though this one was even more beautiful than most.

Second, he'd discovered she was completely without family and, astonishingly, any special men (or lady) friends

Third and most importantly, she was very docile and obedient. He'd tested this by sending her on more and more unreasonable, demeaning errands...

... and her tendency to panic and make poor decisions made her a poor personal assistant but an ideal victim.

He therefore knew that she would arrive as instructed at the deserted office in a state of confusion

she'd be in a state of total panic and confusion, and therefore very, very susceptible.

And he was right.

Jasmine Sinclair

“It has come to my notice that you have been stealing funds from the expense account of the company secretary. I have absolutely cast iron evidence for this, including receipts with your signature, and video surveillance evidence of you entering the building out of hours.”

“There is therefore no point in your denying your activity. However I am a reasonable man, and you are an attractive woman. I will therefore give you a choice. You can either report to the Managing Director tomorrow, at which time I will have informed both him and the police. You will almost certainly be arrested, and will definitely lose your job”

What...? But I've never done anything.. It must be a mistake, I can't ... Oh my GOD!!!

Oh God, I’m ruined. It’s not fair, just when I was getting on so well. I haven't done anything, but who'll believe me...

“Alternatively you may choose to open the box and use it’s contents in the way described in the enclosed letter.

Please do not consider going to the police. The Chief Constable is a good personal friend.

I hope you will choose the second option.

Yours Sincerely

Arnold Blackburn

Legal Counsel

Of course all the accusations were completely untrue. But he was sure she'd go into a panic.

If things went to plan, she'd be totally confused by now...

She reached for the box with no hesitation. If she just opened the lid her fate was sealed...

Her whirling senses never registered the gentle hiss as she opened the case, she never noticed the slightly sweet odour ...

... and thousands of molecules of the hypnotic nerve agent rushed into her bloodstream.

He hoped she'd take a few deep breaths upon reading the note. If she did so, her natural tendency to obey would be reinforced massively and the trap would have sprung.

It worked perfectly. The next note caused her to breathe in sharply, sucking huge amounts of the nerve agent in. She now had no choice but to follow the instructions without hesitation.

The video recording would later reveal her slightly glazed expression, but otherwise everything appeared entirely normal. The instructions drilled into her mind ass she obeyed...

"My dear Penny
I’m so pleased you’ve decided to cooperate. You will no doubt be surprised at the contents of the box."

Jasmine Sinclair strip

"First, you will strip to your, panties, garter, stockings and high heels"

He was confident that she would be wearing such underwear. His pulse had often been set racing from a glimpse of her stocking tops

His only doubt was whether she'd be wearing any panties, but he'd live with that shortcoming if it proved to be the case

Jasmine Sinclair strip

Penny's mind was now completely in the grip of the hypnotic drug

Had she been a strong willed girl, she might have had a chance of fighting the combination of the gas and the instructions.

However her naturally submissive demeanour made the outcome almost certain.

The only risk was that the drug would wear off before she completed her task.

But at this stage all was going according to plan. From the safety of the Coffee Shop across the road, he need only sit and wait.

If he had have seen her stripping, it was doubtful if he'd have been able to control himself.

That would have been disastrous, it would be vital that the video record was clear.

It had to show that Penny had done this with no physical outside involvement.

It would all add to the intensely erotic concept of this stunning young beauty readily preparing herself...

...and should anyone discover his new "toy", he would have evidence that she'd done this to herself. The letter continued ...

"You will then take one rope and tie it securely round your waist ..."

Jasmine Sinclair self tied

A tiny, quiet voice in the back of her mind tried to get her attention.

It whispered in vain to be heard over the confusion of the accusations and the bizarre instructions.

But the instructions could not be ignored.

"...threading the end up into your crotch. Ensure it is tight." .

"Wait", cried the voice in her head.

"Stop" it called "you shouldn't be doing this to yourself"

But it was to no avail. She pulled the cord tight between her lips. The strange sensation simply added to her confusion.

"Next tie your ankles securely"

Again, the instructions were simple, clear and explicit.

...and left no chance of misunderstanding.

Jasmine Sinclair ankles self bondage

So she obeyed. She dutifully tied her ankles...

... looping the rope around and around.

...then cinching it tightly, ensuring that she'd followed the directions to the letter.

She paused for a moment. Had he been able to see, he would have begun to panic. Was the drug wearing off?

No, everything was fine. It would appear that she just wanted to admire her handiwork.

After all, there was plenty to admire.

"Take the handcuffs and thread them through the crotchrope behind your back."

Jasmine Sinclair self cuffed

The cold metal met the warm flesh of her buttocks. Strangely she smiled, the first emotion she'd registered since her initial shock. He'd be worried now if he could see her. Was she coming round?

"Place the ballgag in your mouth, and buckle it securely. Make sure your hair is nicely arranged."

Jasmine Sinclair self gagged

The large pink ball felt totally alien as she held it to her lips.

But she had no choice...

...and she tugged on the straps until the ball popped behind her teeth.

"buckle it securely" the instructions said.

And therefore securely it had to be buckled.

"Finally place your wrists in the cuffs and lock them. Should I find any of your bonds to be inadequately secure, you will be severely punished."

First she clicked the cuff shut on her left wrist...

Then, with some difficulty, she managed to fit her right hand in place.

To avoid any chance of punishment she tightened them until she felt the steel bite into her arms.

...until she was certain that she couldn't be accused of leaving herself any chance of escape.

She tugged at her bonds and found them secure. She wouldn't be punished.

She then made the only reasonable decision she could...

...and sat down.

which now played over and over in her mind.

Jasmine Sinclair self bondage

... and her tendency to panic and make poor decisions made her a poor personal assistant but an ideal victim.

She considered her position. Somehow she felt a warped sense of release.

As she read the final words of the instructions.

Reassured that she was now safe from the terrible accusations, she waited patiently.

...until the sound of the lift outside drew her attention.

Who will my new Master be? Will he be good to me?

Jasmine Sinclair selfbondage

She sat frozen, completely ready to be led into her new life by her Master..

... and making her work longer and longer hours all of which she did without complaint. .

As ordered she obediently read the letter he left out for her. He knew that once she read it ....

... and be so upset that she'd do anything. If only she opened the box, he had her!

His plan worked perfectly.


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