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Have you ever wanted to just travel anywhere you wanted. With no worry about getting back on time and no problems with delays, well thatís exactly what I got to do. Well technically I was still an intern, but a lucky break with a company going under just as my co-op started, left me with me with a whole year of time on my hands. What do you do with a full year on your hands? Waste it, and you can bet your ass I was wasting every bit of it. I traveled between hotels enjoying new locations and a new hobby, self bondage. It was whenever I could and how ever long I could. I even got to have a little fun with it and took pictures in the bondage while cross dressing. It was a way to make a bit of money and to enjoy myself as well.


If I would have known that the key would have fallen under the bed then I wouldnít have wasted my time setting the self bondage all up. Setting up the straps around my legs, the locked high heels, the latex swimsuit, the teasing bead, the waffle ball gag, and the main arm cuffs with frozen ice timer for the key, was a waste of time. I would have just went to bed like normal and left the next day. Though that was not what happened.

I groaned and moaned struggling as the bead was just high enough to tease me, but not high enough to let me cum. I kept squirming and moaning as I looked up watching the ice slowly ever so slowly melt on the key. It would be hours before I got free.

There It Dropped! I watched the key fall as I tried to grab it the key bounced off of the bed and on the floor. I sighed. This isnít good. I rolled over and looked over the side of the bed. The key wasnít I sight. Upon further inspection, of me rolling off the bed, the key was most definitely under the bed to far away. I tried my best over and over to grab it, but nothing was working. I needed I get the key so I could get my things and leave the hotel!

I didnít hear the second knock. The first one came soon in the morning when they knocked on the door and told me that I needed to move. I whined muffled as I struggled harder trying to get the key. I didnít hear anything as the second knock wasnít much a knock, but the opening of the door and the clicking of high heels as someone walked in. To what should have been their clean room had I left by now. Lucky for them they didnít need to look far as it was hard to miss the horny cross dresser that was struggling helplessly on the floor.


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