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Twenty-years old, I dropped out of college last year after getting bored with one class after the next. So, now Iím working at Sparks, a local sports bar, mainly for tips, because itís sure as hell not the $2.85 they pay me an hour. Iím a small girl. If I stand real tall, I can stretch to five feet one inches tall. Iíve got long auburn hair that look s read if I spend most of the summer outside and in the pool. My eyes are blue. If you want to get romantic, call them a vivid sky blue and I wonít complain. I wish I had lush curves, but the truth is Iím closer to a ripe juicy California orange in cup size than a grapefruit. My but is tight and firm and it sticks out, but itís not going make Kim Kardashian feel jealous anytime soon.

Letís see. My left nostril is pierced and I have a tattoo on the back of my neck under my hair that even my parents donít know about. Iíve got an older brother. Heís wicked chill. When I get drunk, I like to talk with an Irish accent. Not a heavy one, but just enough to make people think I came over from the old country when I was younger. Iím kinky too. Iíve been fucking guys since I was fifteen, but one boy at a time. You know, serial boyfriends. But thatís not kinky. Thatís just normal slutty Catholic girl fun. But six months ago, I got this white leather and latex suit. It fits me like a glove.

Itís hooded and I pull my hair through the back into a pony tail. The mouth piece is a ring gag. I didnít even know I had a gag fetish until I got this suit. It forced my mouth open. You can set it up so that the actual harness that forms the gag has either a ring or a black ball. The physical act of having that ball in my mouth and feeling the straps around me, itís literally an emotional experience. When I fasten myself into that tight suit and pull the blindfold down, so that Iím gagged, blind, strapped in place. I become instantly aroused. I just feel the wetness between my legs and I get this strong sense of surrender. My body and mind goes weak. If youíre a certain sort of girl, you crave that feeling of surrender. The suit, the harness, the gag, it all helps me achieve this sudden shift to submission. Sometimes, Iíll try and talk and this makes me feel even more submissive, because I canít.

My speech is just this mumbling mess. I can feel my saliva running down my chin. The flaw is I canít really bind myself in the suit. I canít clip the arms behind me. So, Iíll sit there shuddering. I usually donít quite orgasm as Iím in that white leather and latex suit. But God, the feelings are so intense. Iíll set up my cell phone on record and see how long I can stay in the suit in my upstairs room with the door locked, the windows and curtains closed. Iíve written out this white cardboard sign and I hang it around my neck. ďLOST GIRL: FUCK, DISCIPLINE, & TRAIN HER. GIVE HER THE JOY OF KNOWING SHE IS A BEAUTIFUL, USEFUL FUCK DOLL.Ē

When I canít stand it anymore, Iíll slowly remove the suit. Iíll hide it way and Iíll watch myself trembling on the ground on the video Iíve recorded while I masturbate. Then Iíll delete the video. Iíll force myself not to give in for as long as I can hold out. Then Iíll find myself reaching for the suit again. And this is why, Iím a kinky girl.


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