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Yesterday morning I woke up and dreamt up a little game for myself. Using some police ankle cuffs (shackles), locking plastic pants, and a kitchen safe, I was going to see if I could outlast some quick acting laxatives.

The rules were fairly simple. I would roll a virtual dice 3 times. The first dice would determine what laxatives I would use, if any.

1- glycerine suppositories 2- glycerine suppositories 3- j/o and get out of the game free 4- glycerine suppositories + a docusol mini enema 5- docusol 6- docusol

If I rolled a 1, 2, or 4 I would roll again to see how many suppositories I had to insert. The docusol is far too powerful to insert more than one. Obviously rolling a 4 would be the most extreme combining suppositories and docusol. And wouldn't you know it, I rolled a 4. Ugh oh.

I rolled the dice again to figure out the number of suppositories I would need to use. I rolled a 3.

The 3rd dice roll was to determine how long I would set the kitchen safe for. The kitchen safe, if you are unfamiliar, is a container that can put objects in and have them be locked for a certain period of time. The keys to my restraints would be locked up for this game. The safe can be set for 1 minute minimum, to 10 day maximum. Once the keys are locked in, the only option to get out early is to smash the $50 safe. This isn't practical because of the cost and how strong the device is.

The rule for the 3rd dice was for every dot on the dice, I would add 20 minutes. I set an additional rule that it would be a minimum of 2 (40 minutes), and if I rolled a 1 I would have to roll again. So, if I rolled a 6 I would be locked to the bed and in my diaper for two hours. I rolled a 1, took a deep breath and rolled again. This time I got a 4. 80 minutes to fight off 3 suppositories and a docusol.

The rules were set and I gathered everything I needed. 3 glycerine suppositories, 1 docusol, a latex glove, a molicare super plus, powder, a disposable changing pad to protect the bed, locking diaper cover, ankle shackles and the kitchen safe.

I placed the shackles around a metal post on the footboard of the bed, ready to secure both ankles. I put the changing pad down on the bed, and put the TV remote control and magic wand within reaching distance.

I opened up my diaper on the floor and sat down. After putting on the latex glove, powdered myself, and then inserted the docusol mini enema, being careful to squeeze as much of the foul liquid out of it's tiny container and into my butt. Working quickly, I inserted the 3 glycerine suppositories making sure to get them in deeply. I removed the soiled glove, taped up the molicare nice and tight, and locked on my plastic pants. I made sure I couldn't reach up my legs or down my waist line as I began to feel the chemicals start to churn in my belly.

After insuring I was not getting out of the diaper without unlocking the plastic pants, I laid down on the changing pad and locked both ankles into the cold steel of the police shackles. I quickly used the handcuff key to double lock the shackles. I couldn't pull my legs up towards me and I certainly couldn't get out of the bed. Next, I took all of the keys from the plastic pants and the legirons and put them in the kitchen safe. I turned the dial for 1 hour and 20 minutes and took a took breath before pressing down the button to lock the safe. The safe did a 5 second countdown before locking shut and starting the timer. There would be no escape.

Now that I was laying down, the intruders in my rear did not bother me. I was hopelessly horny, and even though I knew that after orgasming I would want out of my predicament right away, I couldn't resist. I grabbed the magic wand, set it to high speed and pressed it into my locked diaper cover. In no time I exploded into my purple diaper. Immediately, I started to question why I did this to myself and if there was a way out. There wasn't.

I turned on the tv and tried to get my mind off my tingling bowels and the tight embrace of the legirons. For the most part it worked. I killed the first 40 minutes and used the wand on myself again. With no major cramps, and only 40 minutes left on the kitchen safe, I was thinking I was going to make it. However, I knew that even if I had the keys, sitting up and bending down to unlock my ankles would put a lot of pressure on my sensitive situation. Let alone making it to the bathroom, unlocking the plastic pants prison, and getting the diaper off before a mudslide occurred. Nevertheless, I would give it my best try and attempt the last 40 minutes. I didn't have a choice.

About 5 minutes later the first violent cramp hit me. I could feel the shit inside me lining up to make its grand exit. The medicine was drawing in water from all over my body and loosening the stool. The irritant from the docusol was causing convolutions in my intestines. I laid there and realized I had not peed since waking up, and the beers I drank the night before were providing an ample supply of liquid to ensure my punishment would be completed. My bladder was full but I was terrified that if I tried to urinate, my bowels would give in.

Sweat was pouring off of me as I fought off each cramp. Time was standing still and I had realized that these cramps were coming too frequently to fight off for another 30 minutes. Inevitably, another huge cramp hit me. Unable to control it, I kick my chained feet and shit my diaper. The wave of poop brings no relief and my tense bowels continue to evacuate wave after wave. I can feel the hot mess under me and a strong urge for 5+ minutes as my body admits defeat. Finally feeling some relief as I cool down from being soaked in sweat, I look at the kitchen safe hoping for good news. 28 minutes left. It had been about 12 minutes of fighting and I still had plenty of time, forced to contemplate what I had done.

Laying there, the smell slowly crept into the room and reassured me that I had just messed myself. I relaxed as much as I could for a little while before using the wand for a 3rd time to cum in my dirty diaper. Exhausted, I stayed sprawled on the changing pad until I heard the motor in the safe open. I knew the worst part was yet to come as I retrieved the keys, being careful not to drop them. Sliding forward to get to the ankle cuffs caused the mess in my diaper to spread and smoosh. The smell escaped more quickly as I unlocked the double lock and then loosened the hardened steel wrapped around each ankle. Finally able to stand up, my bowels betrayed me again. I leaned over grabbing my knees as another wave of shit further filled my diaper. Finally able to pee, I let go of my bladder and completed my humiliation. I gathered the tools to clean up and struggled with shaky hands to unlock the locks on my plastic pants.


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