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The idea behind this session was, to be bound only by a pair of nipple clamps. Because this would not prevent me from escaping, I had also to tie my legs, arms and neck to a heavy object behind me.

Before the real session I had to answer two questions. Is it possible to pull of the nipple clamps? And how long can I hold this position. I tested this a few days before the real session, without bondage except the nipple clamps. I couldn’t remove the nipple clamps by just pulling on them. Those are the nasty ones, which bite even harder if you pull on them. And the time I could hold this position, was around five minutes. After five minutes my nipples hurt like hell and I was exhausted from standing on tiptoes.

On the day of the real session, I decided to set the timer for the release to 10-15 minutes (random timer) + 2 minutes I would need for closing all the locks. First I fixated my legs and neck (connected to the anal hook). After that I prepared the fixation for my arms and set up the timer with the release. Now the best part. I put on the nipple clamps and tightened the string, which pulls the clamps up, as much as possible. Only one last step was left: fixating my arms.

Should I really do this?

“DO IT!” I screamed in my head.

click the padlock locked in.

Now I was standing there on my tiptoes and the clamps biting hard into my nipples. The tension on the string holding the clamps, made them even press harder.

“What did I do?” I asked myself and tried to free me. But the bondage was good. I couldn’t reach any keys or knots. I was stuck there for 10-15 minutes. Hopefully for 10, I thought.

After a few seconds I realized how truly evil this whole scenario is. In the test session I had my hands free for stabilizing myself. But now, if I fell back, only the nipple clamps would hold me in place until I regain my balance. Every time I fell back, those clamps pulled hard on my nipples. And because they pulled harder, they also bite harder into my sore nipples. This happened over and over again, about every 20 seconds.

After ~3minutes I was already exhausted. My legs shacked and the only possibility to recover myself, was to leave the tiptoe position. But this means the nipple clamps will pull harder and the pain in my nipples will increase. Doesn’t matter, I needed a rest. 10 seconds was the best I could do, after that I had to reduce the pain and return to the tiptoe position.

After additional 2 minutes I lost balance a final time. This time the clamp on my right nipple came of. It hurt like hell, but I was finally free.

Unfortunately I couldn’t to the whole time. But my nipples where too sore and so I didn’t found the motivation too restart the whole thing.

But it was fun and I have already some Ideas for improving the scenario. So I will definitely repeat the whole thing :D

PS: This picture I made after the session, because the wig hid the nipple clamps.


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