Morning Run

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What on earth was I thinking?

In my weaker state of mind I put myself in this postion but how could I have been so stupid? I'm helpless, naked and couldn't even talk if I wanted to because of the harness buckled around my head and the rubber dick in my mouth.

I didn't wear my watch so I'm not even sure what time it is, not that I could look at my wrist anyway with my hands cuffed behind my back.

Why didn't I even think of making some kind of backup plan in case this harebrained scheme didn't work out the right way?

I look down at my naked body, dripping with sweat. My boobs are heaving, and sticking out obscenely from breathing so hard. My nipples are white, pinched, clamps won't come off easily, I've tried. I need my hands, I need to take these things off me, they hurt every time I move. My jaw hurts from this stupid cock in my mouth. This is NOT fun anymore. My hair is stuck in my eyes and I can't brush it away. The clouds are heavy and it's humid and I can't stop sweating.

I look back to where the tape is on the post, out in the middle of Egret Blvd; it's RIGHT THERE! All I need to do is get it back and I this will all be over. Tears are forming in my eyes from frustration and fatigue. The streetlights are starting to click off and I can see the bright redness starting to appear in the eastern sky. It's almost morning, damn it, and I'm nowhere near getting back in my apartment building.

I look again to the building door; maybe someone will come out and leave the door slightly open so I can slip back inside... no, no, my apartment key is on the post too and that won't do me any good. I can't stay in the hallway, there's nowhere to hide in there.

I've waited too long.

I crossed the street yesterday and slapped a small piece of duct tape to that post; a spare apartment key and the building security key are behind it.

I stripped naked, put on my bondage toys and did my homework like a good slave. After I finished, I cuffed my hands behind my back so I'd have to struggle to get my keys back. I slipped out of my apartment at four a.m. and locked the doors behind me. I hid in the bushes and behind the dumpster by the curb but was finally able to half-jog out to the island and back up to the pole, but I couldn't reach the tape with my hands behind my back. I TAPED THEM UP TOO HIGH!!!

I thought I had left enough slack in my belly chain to get my wrists up far enough but I didn't count on bending over as well. I reached and I pulled and I stretched but I can just hook a fingernail on the side of the tape, not enough to pull my keys free. I struggled for at least an hour, racing back to the curb when I saw headlights in the distance. I'm fucked... or maybe I will be soon...

My pussy is wet, god damn it... I'm in trouble here and I'm soaking wet. This is too much.

Think. Think. Think.

The early morning traffic is increasing, and I don't think I can get those keys back now, no way. The sun is coming up fast. It'll be daylight very, very soon and being a Monday, and being finals for school... Oh, I am in deep, deep shit.

There's no way I could just catch someone's attention; the head harness is locked on and I can't talk and whoever would have to get the manager (who's been trying to get into my pants for months now) to open my door and then everybody would know and someone who didn't like me would call my dad to tell him what his daughter was doing with her tuition money... no, no, no that is not possible. My parents would kill me. I'd lose my apartment and my freedom for sure, not to mention my very dignity with everyone I know. I'd never be able to show my face again.

I can just hear Aunt Peggy now; 'Oh, did you hear about Katie? She ran outside and put handcuffs... oh herself! Yes, herself! She was running around stark naked all day! Do you know what else? She had one of those sex dildoes in her mouth when they found her! Katie! Yes, Kathryne Marie, our Katie! No, I don't think she's been committed yet, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if they will...'

I'm stuck.

I'm SO stuck.

I'm stuck here, naked and helpless, hiding in this sticker bush in the front of my apartment building. Maybe... maybe I could make a run for the swimming pool and hide in the maintenance shed, and maybe even find a way to pick these cuffs...!

Maybe I can get back in before the sun comes up. I think I can do it, I just have to avoid being seen at all, especially by Mrs. McCauley; she'll be up at her window, watching everybody and everything going on and will definitely call the manager about a naked woman running through the complex.

Maybe I could just tap my heels together three times...

I've waited too long again. The manager just pulled up and is parking his car in his usual spot, not twenty feet from the pool shed. The prick. He's early for a Monday, must be in to do some last-minute paperwork or something. There goes that idea.

'Hey Mr. Dewars, can you let me back into my apartment? Please don't tell anyone, please keep it our little secret... I'll do anything... yes, of course I'll let you fuck me every lunch break from now on and I'll suck your dick whenever you feel like it and I'll spread my legs and beg you to fuck me and slap my face while you fuck me just because I like that kind of treatment and your wife doesn't which just goes to show that you were right about me all along, Mr. Dewars, I am a over-privileged, over-valued, uppity white college slut and I need you to show me how younger guys can't possibly compare to older men, Mr. Dewars, so would you please get your spare key and let me back in, please?'

I think I'll stay in the bushes for a while longer.

The sun is coming up. People have already turned off their headlights and are starting their Monday mornings. My boobs hurt and I can't feel my nipples; how long can I wear these clamps before they do permanent damage?

My feet are aching from wearing these heels all morning. I can't pull them off because they are locked on to my ankles. I think I'm going to cry, but quietly.

My Monday will be spent here, huddled in the bushes, hiding from passerby, hoping that the landscape maintenance guys don't show up today and praying I can get those keys back... oh God, that means tonight. I'm not sure if I can make it till tonight, I'm thirsty and my stomach is growling. Oh God what was I thinking? I wish I was back inside my apartment. I wish...

The clouds are getting darker. Looks like it's going to rain...


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