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“See you later Alice” Julian said as he headed to the door.

Alice looked up from her book. “Hm?”

Julian laughed “I said: see you later”

Alice felt her heart racing and she gulped. “Yeah… see you later.” he didn’t know what she’d planned whilst he was away.

“I’ll be gone a couple of hours, so don’t go getting into any trouble” he said as he pulled the door behind him.

“Oh I won’t…” she said to the air as the door slammed closed. She waited a few seconds before standing up and moving over to her room. She’d been waiting to be alone in the house for weeks. Now that she had a few hours to herself she was going to use it well. She’d seen some self bondage online that she’d really wanted to try. She also wanted to add her own twist. She’d been edging for days and she was so on edge she felt like she could cum from the lightest touch.

She began her preparation by taking her bedding off the bed so all that was left was the mattress and its cover. Next, she pulled over the straps that would hold her ankles in place. She pulled the vibrator out of underwear draw, holding it for a second before throwing it on the bed.

She let her dress slide off her shoulders and unclipped her bra, letting it fall to the floor. She let out a soft moan as her fingers brushed her pussy through her cotton panties, she felt herself getting wet. She slipped them off as well and she suddenly noticed how hard her nipples were. God, she was going to enjoy this. She started to tie the knots she had learnt from the internet and soon the vibrator was fastened up against her now dripping pussy, pressing into it so there was no escape. She sat on the edge of the bed, strapping herself into the spreader bar that had arrived in the post just a few days before. With a little difficulty she swung her legs around so that they were at the foot of the bed, straining, she reached down, clipping herself in place. With a few tugs she was happy that she couldn’t escape.

Next she moved up to her left hand, sliding it through the loop that she had prepared the night before and securing her wrist to the bedpost. She tightened it and moved down to the vibrator between her legs, turning it on. She let out a breath and let her head fall back on her pillow as the feeling of arousal grew, the buzzing causing her to flush. She played with her tits with her free hand for a few seconds, enjoying the sensation of pleasure. Before she tied herself into the final restraint she stretched over to the bedside table and grabbed the clothes pins that were on it. Alice let out a sharp gasp as each one clipped into place. The final touch was the blindfold that she slipped over her eyes, her world went completely pitch black.

All this time she had been growing hornier and hornier but she had not been able to fully enjoy the sensation that the toy been her legs had been producing. She ran her fingers across her exposed pussy as the vibrator continued to buzz away. She arched her back slightly as the pleasure continued to build. She forced herself to pull her fingers away, tasting herself before she slid her wrist through the loop that attached her to the other bed post, this one was left intentionally looser so that she could escape again at the end.

The feeling of lying blindfolded, spread eagle, exposed, with her hands and feet tied in place and her nipples clamped, was one of Alice’s favourite things in the whole world.

Now she could fully enjoy the sensations that were flowing through her. She moaned deeply, her back arching as the buzzing pushed her closer and closer to the edge.

“Fuck” she gasped through ragged breaths as she pulled against the restraints, her body trying to squirm away from the pleasure. Of course there was nowhere to go and, as she gripped on tightly to the ropes with her hands, she felt a wave of pleasure flood through her. She came hard against the toy, her body writhing as she tried to to push her legs together, the spreader bar preventing her from doing so.

She fell back on the bed, gasping for air. Should she let herself out? No, one more.

She didn’t have much time to think as the second orgasm flooded over her. This time all the pressure that she’d built up over the previous few days was completely released and, as she shook, she let go of the ropes with her hand, pulsing as she came again. She felt it happen in slow motion. The rope around her right hand wrist tighten as her body squirmed around the bed.

‘Oh shit’ she thought as she returned to her right mind, the wave of pleasure passing. She tried to tug on the restraint, panic rising inside her. She was well and truly trapped, she couldn’t move from her self inflicted prison. Soon the panic was met by a burst of pleasure as she felt herself rushing towards the edge once again.

“Oh god!” she let out, as her sensitive pussy came against the persistent toy. She gulped, her throat dry, as she tried to pull away from the bed whilst she came. Her feet weren’t going anywhere, and the restraints around her wrist had tightened so much when she was writhing around she knew only someone else could let her out of her compromising position. There was only one person who could do that. Julian.

She thought about him walking in, finding her like this, and she was even hornier than she had been before the toy still buzzing away between her legs…


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