Tracy`s Weekend

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I am 31 years old, five foot eight and slim.  I think the best feature about myself are my long, slender legs, and I love to wear sexy dresses that show them off.  I had a boyfriend about two years ago who introduced me to bondage & discipline and together we slowly built our collection of toys.  We no longer see each other but my interest in bondage is still very much alive.  The problem is, without someone else, tying yourself up is pretty hard to do.

It didn’t take me long to find out another way to satisfy my need for forced discipline. I would have two days off from work over the weekend so I rushed home and got my housework finished as quickly as I could. steel chastity belt

I began my weekend by putting on my chastity belt.  I got this at a adult specialty store and it locks with a special lock in back so I can’t remove it.  The padlock is designed so it’s extremely hard to remove with bolt cutters, much less pick.  The belt has an extra inverted U-shaped foam rubber pad that encircles my clitoris and keeps it totally insulated from the outside, preventing me from even rubbing myself through the metal.. What it does is keeps me from touching myself anywhere and I am usually pretty frustrated sexually while wearing it.  In the back is a 1 1/2" diameter hard rubber tube that opens my rectum and allows me to defecate if I need to. There is a matching enema nozzle that fits (and locks) into this tube just in case I need help passing anything through the tube.  The tube is padded around my anus so I can’t feel anything and is just long enough so I can’t touch myself inside. It really wasn't made for long-term use but my mind was on such practical things.

I pushed the rectal tube into me, positioned the metal plate over my vagina and tightened the straps around my hips very tightly, not wanting a loose belt allowing me to cheat myself.  I hooked the padlock in the hasp, took a deep breath and hesitated.  For a moment I imagined how good it would feel to masturbate and have one more orgasm before beginning the weekend, but I also wanted to force discipline on myself.  With a spine-tingling rush of anticipation I padlocked it in place. My hands were shaking. Now I couldn’t take it off without the key, which was sitting on top of my desk in my office and I wouldn’t be able to get it until Monday morning. I said goodbye to being able to touch myself until then. 

I slipped on a pair of my white satin panties and a camisole and got ready for bed.  I put duct tape around my ankles and around my knees. I got my handcuffs ready and I turned off the light. The key to the handcuffs is on my dresser, but it’s near the very back. If I were to try to find it in a hurry it might fall in the back and I would really be up the creek, so I usually have to wait for daytime to try.

I then locked my hands with the handcuffs. Depending on my mood, sometimes I lock them in back, but that night I decided not to, since I usually end up very sore from the position. I instead locked my hands in front of me and tried to sleep. I was already soaking wet with anticipation but somehow was able to fall asleep.

I woke up early the next morning and got out of bed. I removed the tape from around my ankles and knees and carefully picked up the key and was able to remove the handcuffs. This being done I took off my camisole and panties and got into the shower, still wearing my chastity belt. I tried to stimulate myself a bit by running water around and through the small holes in the metal plate, but this only served to frustrate me.

I toweled myself off and applied some baby powder around the stiff metal of the belt, as now my skin was a bit irritated by wearing the device all night. I spent the next five hours lounging around in an oversized T-shirt watching TV and having my precious vagina imprisoned in metal.


About one in the afternoon I decided to punish myself for being lazy and not doing my housework as any good slave is supposed to. I decided that I should be punished by having my nipples clamped and anchored to a ring in the corner for an hour. I also wanted to try something new as my punishment, a self-flagellation machine of sorts; this was a ceiling-fan motor mounted to a waist-high pedestal with two opposing leather
straps attached to the arms. There was a timer attached to the base, and once it was plugged in the countdown would begin and the machine would begin rotating, soundly whipping anyone or anything in range. The timer could be set to turn off after a time as well. Don’t ask me where I bought it.

The bizarre machine rested near the corner where I intended to take my whipping punishment. I turned off the TV and took off my T-shirt, pinching my nipples to make them hard and ready to be clamped. I could feel the heat between my trembling legs as I walked to my bedroom and opened my punishment drawer and selected the clover-style nipple clamps. These tighten on the nipples when more weight is added to the chain in the middle, and I hung the clamps from a small ring screwed into the wall.  This would prevent me from pulling off the clamps or trying to move very far from the machine’s wrath. A plant stand in the corner would physically prevent me from seeking refuge by pulling myself into the corner.

My favorite pair of handcuffs were hung from the ceiling to keep me from taking the clamps off prematurely or trying to do anything other than stand in the corner and receive my whipping. I had the key tied to a two foot long string frozen in ice and secured to a small hook in the ceiling just out of reach of where my cuffed wrists would be. Once the ice melted, the key would drop below my grasp and I could unlock the handcuffs and release the nipple clamps and presumably get away from the machine’s reach.

From past experiments, I figured the ice would melt in 45 minutes to an hour, and I wanted at least a few minutes of whipping, so I set the machine to begin in 35 minutes and plugged it in. I set the stop time to a full 30 minutes, so at the very least (unless something went wrong) I’d be strapped across my ass for a good ten minutes, even though I’d never even gone past a hasty five minutes before.

I put on my 4" heels and cuffed my ankles together as well. I wanted to make sure once I started dancing from the leather straps across my bottom I would have to be very careful and stay still, or risk falling and very likely tearing my nipples off…! I also stuffed my ballgag in my mouth and strapped it securely behind my head so if I screamed out it wouldn’t be loud enough to alert the neighbors.

I hobbled into the corner and assured the machine was near enough to reach my uncovered bottom. I attached the clamp chain securely to the ring and breathed very deeply as I prepared my right breast to accept the pinch of the clamp.  My nipples were hardened by my touching them, and I slowly closed the clamp on my right nipple. The pain was not unknown, but always sharp and arousing.  I pulled the chain a bit to make sure the clamp was seated and would not pull off…

I seated the left clamp the same way and tested the set by pulling away. Each clamp dug in a little deeper and I grimaced at the feeling. With the plant stand touching my knees, I had about three inches of play in the clamp chain, which would not allow for much movement.

With trembling hands and my arousal building, I reached over my head and closed the cuff over my left wrist, then my right and took a deep breath, knowing that I was now in it for at least the next hour and soon I’d be crying tears of frustration and pain.

It took a few minutes for my breathing to return to normal. My clamped nipples prevented me from moving around and the hobble chain prevented me from resting either of my soon-to-be-tired feet for very long. My pussy was almost dripping in anticipation under the metal shield that imprisoned it.

From where I stood I could twist my head just enough to see the clock in the kitchen. I didn’t mark exactly what time I started the ice, but I was sure I’d been standing for at least fifteen minutes. My toes were starting to ache in my heels and my legs began to stiffen. I moved around a bit, trying not to tighten the clamps any more than they were already pinching into my flesh.

The clock chimed two o’clock. Its mechanical bongs were the only sound in the house.  All else was quiet, especially the poor woman standing in the corner, her nipples anchored to the wall with a small chain and clamps, her ankles hobbled and her hands cuffed from a eyebolt in the ceiling.

Just when I looked at the ice cube and assumed it would drop to me in a few minutes, I heard that awful click, then the strained humming sound of a motor powering up for rotation. My breath came in heaving gasps, in excitement and quivering anticipation as the leather thongs kissed my bottom, lightly at first, then the thongs found their mark and as each leather strap came around the force increased. I began to dance.  The strappings came faster, each one finding the same mark as the last one left to go around again. Tears sprang to my eyes as I tried to turn away from the assault, but the machine took its wrath out on my tender hips and I had to straighten myself out to bear the force on my buttocks.  The sharp, biting pain gave way to a warm slapping sensation and I danced and whimpered in pain while the machine kept time.

My heart stopped as the doorbell rang loudly. Someone was here!  I tried to turn around and stop the machine but my hands were cuffed securely to the ceiling. To my horror, the constant whack whack whack of the machine was considerably louder than I had expected, and obviously someone outside had heard it and wanted to investigate.

Just then the key fell. With my heart in my throat and my ass on fire, I grabbed the key and unlocked the handcuffs quickly, removing the nipple clamps from my tortured breasts. I cried into the gag as the blood came back into my nipples, but I had to stop the machine from running. I maneuvered around the flailing straps and pulled the plug, nearly falling over because of my hobbled ankles. All was quiet again, except for my ragged gasps for air that I was sure my visitor could hear.

The doorbell was silent. I stood there uneasily, my breath coming in heaves around my gag and listened. Whoever it was didn’t seem to be at my front door anymore, and I frantically struggled to unbuckle the ballgag from behind my neck. My jaw ached as I pulled the red ball free.

"H-hello?" I managed.

No one answered. My heart slowly began to resume beating but my legs were quivering and my ass was just plain scorching from the flails. I tried to sit down to remove the ankle chain but my red asscheeks prevented that. Instead, I pulled my heels off and kneeled to unclasp the chain.

I stood up quickly and peered out the window. No one was there, but the mailbox near the front door was now full of junk mail.


Resting afterwards I lightly stroked the welts on my bottom and rolled my nipples between my fingers. My heartbeat had returned to normal but the fire between my legs was raging. The key to my release was still very much out of reach. When I left work and in a moment of fantasy, I left the key in the center of my desk, in full view of everyone who walked by. I wondered who even noticed it there and if they did, if they could even imagine what it was actually for.  The thought and the uncertainty drove my imagination wild.

My imaginary Master then commanded me to put on my nipple clamps again and go outside for a while to cool off. I quickly drew up a plan to assure I’d be forced to remain outside for a while. Putting on my robe, I set to work.

I grabbed my handcuff keys and my house key. The back door was keyed differently than the front, so I made sure the back door key was stashed away safely in the drawer. The handcuff key I placed on my coffee table. I took the front door key and planned to leave it locked in my car. So I couldn’t cheat myself I decided to park my car in the street, leaving the house key in the glove box.

Walking back into the house I securely locked the front door, making sure only the deadbolt was locked so I’d be able to let myself in. I fastened the single car door key to a ring and attached a couple of other useless keys to give it some weight. From a candle I dropped a good helping of wax to the keyring and grabbed my lighter and a stepladder from the kitchen.

Going outside I located the large floodlight over the patio. Standing on the stepladder and straining to reach, I heated one side of the wax blob and quickly slapped it to the lens of the floodlight. The wax cooled quickly, holding the set of keys to the lens. When the floodlight turned on at dusk, the wax would melt and I’d have the means to release myself… that is, if the lamp didn’t suddenly burn out on me.

I returned the stepladder to the kitchen and scanned the backyard for anything else I might use to dislodge the keys earlier than planned. All my gardening tools and such were already locked safely away in the toolshed and could not be reached.  All was ready.

I took off my robe and replaced the clovers on my sore nipples. Slipping my heels back on I secured the legcuffs around my ankles and placed the handcuffs around my wrists on front. I also poured a glass of iced tea and decided to take a book to read. I gathered my items and stood at the back door, doorknob turned and ready to lock behind me.

Holding my breath and excitedly nervous as ever, I pushed open the door and strolled outside wearing nothing but my chastity belt, clamps and heels. The short chain between my ankles dragged on the concrete as the chain between my nipples swayed from side to side. Each step was beautiful agony on my sore nipples from my earlier activities.

I reached the patio chair, settled in and tried to relax. The late afternoon sun was dipping below the horizon and casting long shadows and yet there was still plenty of light to read by. I slowly paged through the book, almost forgetting the predicament I placed myself in. Between chapters I looked over my body, occasionally tugging at my clamps to remind myself that I was being punished. I took one of the ice cubes from my tea and placed it under the secondary shield on my chastity belt, cooling the metal and sending shivers through to my sex and up my spine. If someone had seen me sitting there contentedly they would have stared; calmly reading a book wearing nothing but nipple clamps, heels, handcuffs, legcuffs and a stainless steel apparatus encasing her pussy from the outside world.

The ice melted with the heat of my body and I imagined that my Master would punish me for allowing it. My imagination going unbridled, I came to my knees and bowed my head to him. He commanded me to punish myself for being so calm and carefree by soaking my pussy with the cold water from the garden hose.

My stomach fluttered as I crawled on my hands and knees to the faucet and once again kneeled. With my cuffed wrists I clutched the end of the hose and turned on a slow trickle of water, first passing the nozzle over my clamped tits and then over my belly, gasping as the cold water crept past what my fingers could not. The torment started as the hot and cold met at my vagina and the uncontrollable shivering as my body reacted to the late afternoon breeze. I brought the nozzle across my lips and over my neck to run in streams down my back.

With tiny drops of water chilling my boobs I lay in the cool grass and rested the hose over my clitoris, feeling the cold water soak my very being and intense feelings of self-imposed torture washed over my consciousness…

Looking up at the clouds rolling by I daydreamed and allowed myself a few minutes of escape from my situation. I was dying to be able to walk inside and step into a hot tub of water and maybe even take a nap, but the cold metal of my chastity belt and the harsh cuffs would prevent that.

As the first stars appeared and shone I decided to test the waters, so to speak. I ran the hose over my head and soaked my hair to assure I’d be wet and shivering at least through my next task. I turned the water off and stood. The keyring had not fallen yet, although the floodlight was definitely on and burning brightly.

A moment of terror washed over me as I realized the possibility that the floodlight would not be hot enough to melt the wax. Looking around I saw a couple of low-lying branches on the tree that I might break off and use to dislodge the keys. Thankful of the oversight I hobbled to the tree, reached up with my cuffed hands and wrenched one of the thinner branches free. I stepped back to the patio and easily bumped the keyring free of the floodlight lens. The wax wasn’t even warm.

I made my way to the side of the house and checked for movement. I wasn’t quite sure what time it was, although the light had faded in the west and the dark corners were sufficiently dark enough to hide a helpless, naked, handcuffed woman.

With my car keys in hand I began my jingling half-jog to my first hiding place, a large bush right below my bedroom window. The harsh nipple clamps and chain did nothing to keep me from whimpering as I reached the bush and squatted behind it, hidden from view. Although my hair was soaking wet and I had goosebumps all over my naked body I was sweating and trembling with excitement, my heart pounding.

I made out the form of my car, just about thirty feet from where I was. I hesitated moving from this perfect hiding place, so perfect that I made a mental note to plant a sticker bush here so a burglar might not discover this as well. I seriously considered removing the clamps, the only device attached to me that I could in my present state so I might be a little more comfortable and maybe a bit quieter on my dash for the car. I imagined my Master saying no, I would have to wear them until I also had the means to remove my handcuffs. In my mind’s eye he was at the window, watching me scramble for those precious keys with a smile on his face.

With a gasp I stood and quickly hobbled across my front lawn. In the pit of my stomach I realized that I had not checked if anyone was watching me, as I was only watching for headlights from up and down the street! Too far into my second leg of my journey to stop, I continued to the passenger car door and hastily shoved the key in and turned it. The door opened and I was inside, lying low so as not to be seen from the road. My heart thumped in my heaving chest, making me realize how much my nipples screamed for release from those awful clamps.

Reaching into the glovebox and securing the house key, I allowed myself a few moments of rest. My self-imposed night outside was almost over and the means for my release was in my hand.

Checking more carefully this time, I grasped both sets of keys and pushed the car door open. Quickly rolling myself out I nudged the door closed and half-jogged right up the concrete walkway to my front door.

I was suddenly bathed in light. The motion sensor on my porch light was on and offering anyone watching a perfect view of my predicament! I scooted off to the side, cursing myself for not remembering this potentially embarrassing detail.

Presently the light went out and I slowly reached over and inserted the house key. Thankfully no lights were on in the house and I had no trouble slipping through the doorway and closing the front door behind me.

I wasted no time in unlocking the hand and leg cuffs and very, very carefully removed the clamps. My nipples throbbed in pain as the second clamp was loosened and dropped to the floor. I staggered to the loveseat and my hand found its way again to the cold metal covering my aching clitoris. Oh how I wanted to take this cursed belt off and plunge my finger deep in my pussy and give myself the orgasm I had been waiting for…

I took a long, hot bath and relaxed, making sure I cleaned myself around the belt and secondary shield as best I could. I rolled my nipples, fantasized madly and managed to bring myself to a mini-orgasm right there in the tub.


Sunday morning brought the sun back through my window and opened my eyes with my last day of wearing the chastity belt. I was happy, horny and frustrated all at once and really needed to get through the day in one piece. I had considered approaching the security guard and begging to be allowed to visit my office but common sense and prior arrangements prevailed. My I.D. badge (and a spare backup key attached to it) was in my friend Carol’s possession and made a promise to me that she’d have it for me on Monday morning. This was the weekend she was going to be out of town, so this particular measure worked out well. Without identification, nobody was allowed in during non-business hours, not even escorted.

I used the bathroom and washed as best I could.  The enema nozzle in the belt came in handy as I used it two or three times to assure the rectal tube was completely clean. My fantasy Master had been busy thinking up my torment for this Sunday morning.  I was to attend church as usual, but since this was my weekend for punishment I’d have to prepare myself a bit more this time. I started completely nude except for the belt I had become accustomed to.

First, I wound my boobs with twine. Since my nipples were still a bit sore, my Master decided I’d wear a rope bra under my Sunday dress instead of my usual bra. I finished ten full loops of twine, then ran a couple of loops around my back and over my shoulders for support.  I also wound a single strand over each of my nipples so they wouldn’t stick out underneath my dress. The scratchy cord did not promise to let me forget I was wearing it.

Over my belt I strapped my next punishment; this was a D-shaped leather device that fit snugly around my hips and cupped my asscheeks. I buckled it carefully because on the inside of this belt were around one hundred tiny cone-shaped metal studs surrounding about two dozen small needles that would penetrate the skin if too much force was applied. The main purpose of this apparatus would be to keep your slave from sitting down, and from past experience I knew it worked well. There was no locking device on it, but I reasoned it would be very difficult to remove in public and even more difficult to carry out. The thing was very bulky and wouldn’t fit in my purse.

Next I stepped into my dress. It wasn’t very tight, with a loose, flowing skirt that would hide what was beneath it.  I carefully pulled my tied breasts into the cups and tried to flatten them on my chest, as the cord was making them stick almost straight out.

I inserted the single Bardex-type enema nozzle into the tube and turned the collar, sealing the tube. I added a small padlock and the deflated balloon was locked in my rectum. The key to this particular lock was sitting on my dresser, and only after I arrived home would I be able to unlock the nozzle and release my enema. I proceeded to inflate the Bardex and felt my bottom accept the strange fullness.

My plan was to give myself a two-quart enema, then seal off the tube and carry it all the way through church and back. The difficult part was to hold it in my bowels as a hundred metal tortures worked on me from behind and the twine tormented my sensitive breasts in front. I had tried to come up with a method of giving myself a punishment enema during the sermon but could not dream up anything so diabolical.


All things considered, church went pretty well. I got quite a few strange looks as I got in and out of my car oh so carefully, but maybe they assumed I was injured in an accident or something. The only accident I was involved in was locking this damn chastity belt on in the first place. What on earth was I thinking?

Arriving back home I unlocked the front door and made straight for the bedroom and the key to the enema collar. I wasted no time in removing the needle belt and quickly unlocked the collar, deflated and removed the balloon and relieved myself of my enema, albeit somewhat messily. I wouldn't have to tell you how good it felt to let go of all the
water that had been in my bowels for the last ninety minutes, and as I opened my eyes I caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror. My breasts were still tied and  bordering on a dark shade of purple, but I knew it would hurt much worse to take the twine off as quickly as I had the needle belt. I stared at my reflection for several long minutes; I was hot, sweating, uncomfortable and aching for release from this cursed belt.


Once the twine was removed and I had taken a long shower I climbed back into bed for a nap. This entire weekend had taken its toll on my body and mind and I was quite ready for it to come to an end. I promised myself one more excursion before the weekend was over, but I had not thought of anything to wrap it all up with. That is, until I woke up.

Only in my most carnal moods would I subject myself to anything so wildly dangerous as I did later that evening. Maybe it was the submissive in me, maybe it was just that I was dying to even see another person orgasm that I planned to visit the local adult movie theater that night.

Throwing on a pair of sweats and a T-shirt I decided to do some grocery shopping.  Hands trembling, I picked up my house key and placed it in an envelope. The rest of my house keys would stay safe on top of my dresser until the evening was completed, making sure to leave my front door unlocked until I returned from this first trip. The key envelope had my cellular phone number on it so in case anyone found it they might call.  The plan, however, was that I'd recover the key myself in about seven hours.

I went down to the corner grocery store and began shopping. This particular store was open until midnight on Sundays and generally there was no one here at that hour except the clerk. This was the main idea behind my release scheme, as once I decided to lock the front door behind me I'd have to come down here and retrieve this key. I hid the envelope behind some canned beans in one of the less-traveled aisles.

Around eight o'clock I began my last ordeal, being locked out of my house with whatever I had on until around midnight. I had no reason to do what I was about to, but the lustful animal in me drove my actions and blinded my good sense.

Once again I started totally nude, with just the belt covering my most intimate areas. I picked up a small cardboard envelope with a small string and hung it around my neck. In the envelope were twelve condoms and a small tube of k-y jelly. This idea had come from a story I read, about a young woman that suspended herself out in the desert and daydreamed about offering anyone that happened onto her ordeal to "help themselves", so to speak. The envelope would be one of the few items I'd be wearing for the next few
hours, and the words 'Use me' written on the front should forestall any confusion.

I put on my black garter belt and off-black stockings and my four-inch heels. I decided not to wear a bra in order to remind myself how vulnerable I would be until I arrived back home.

My last item of clothing was a long black overcoat. I cut off two of the four buttons on the front in order to make my naked chest obvious if I wasn't careful in how I walked or turned. The envelope was clearly visible no matter how I managed the collar of the overcoat, so I removed it from my neck and tied it to the front of my belt instead.

I applied my makeup a little heavier that usual and deemed myself ready for a night out. Checking all the doors and windows to make sure they were all locked I turned off the lights and set the alarm. Dropping my favorite set of handcuffs in my coat pocket I made for the door.


Closing the front door behind me I took and deep breath and resigned myself to my next task. I got in my car and headed towards the theater. On the way I unbuttoned my coat and let my boobs free. My heart was pounding and each stoplight offered a new thrill of some stranger seeing my condition. My imagination ran wild as I fantasized, wondering how I'd explain everything if I were pulled over.

I was high on adrenaline and my pulse was racing as I pulled into the porn store's parking lot. From the look of things this was a typical Sunday, with very few cars around. The clock in my car said it was 8:40, so I'd have at least a good three hours to kill. Getting out of my car I re-buttoned my coat and recklessly tossed my car keys under my car. Once my handcuffs were on I'd have to have help in order to get them back, as the handcuff key was also on the keyring.

I stepped into the dull light of the theater. Almost immediately I felt male eyes on me, easily being the only woman in the building. There weren't many men in here, just an older guy and a couple of teenagers that barely looked like they were old enough to get in, huddled in a corner fondling a magazine.

I walked up to the clerk and handed him a twenty dollar bill. He casually took the money and didn't seem to give me a second glance as he returned my change, which was fortunate for me. In the state I was in I would have turned and run from the lobby if he had asked me if I had a smaller bill.

Ticket in hand, I tiptoed down the hall and hovered in a dark corner for a moment. My heart pounding and my libido blocking any common sense, I removed the handcuffs from my pocket, pulled my arms into my coat and breathlessly locked my wrists together behind my back. I tried to keep the sharp clicking sound as low as possible, but in the tight hallway it seemed a thousand times louder.

I was now at the complete mercy of anyone who discovered my predicament. The sheer thrill was unimaginable as I pushed the curtains aside, padded into the dark theater and found an empty seat. The only heads I saw were two in the front row and a loner off to the right, tipped back as if he was asleep. The off-color screen before me was filled with flesh and fake moaning, hardly arousing, but in my case I envied the woman on the screen, watching his unrealistically huge cock driving deep into her pussy.

Not two seconds later the older gentleman parted the curtains and entered the theater, taking a seat only an arm-length behind me and suddenly had my full attention. He settled in and after arranging himself in the crotch area pretended to watch the movie. I was trembling from excitement and wet anticipation when he leaned forward and mumbled in my ear, "You like porno movies?"

"Not… not really," I managed. Even if I wanted to get up and move to another seat my bound wrists would make it difficult to accomplish.

His breath was hot in my ear.  "I saw you take off your bra back there… what're you wearing under there?"

My heart was in my throat. He didn't make a move, just inches from my shoulder and waiting for me to respond. Half of me was trembling in numbing excitement, the other half in uncertain fear of what was about to transpire.

"You smell really good, your perfume I mean," he offered.

I was frozen. My senses were overloaded and my muscles tense, my body not reacting to my will to get up and head back to my car. My all-knowing libido was nowhere in sight, and my mind raced to control the panic suddenly coming over me.

His weight shifted and he stood. Out of the corner of my eye I watched him step around the row of seats and bluntly dropped into the one next to me. He faced forward, as if trying to appear nonchalant and uninterested in me. The woman on the screen was now on all fours, receiving a pounding in her ass.

Turning to me, he gazed into the side of my head. I didn't dare turn to meet his stare, I was too petrified; I wasn't even certain I could manage a scream if I had to. Suddenly I wished I wasn't here, not nearly as naked as I was, and definitely not handcuffed and helpless.

Without a word he unceremoniously reached over with his right hand and slid it underneath my coat, finding my breast and causing me to gasp in shock and amazement. His hands were coarse on my flesh and rough as he cupped my left boob and waited for my reaction.

I forced myself to turn and look at his face. He stared back with a grin appearing on his lips as he realized I wasn't going to protest. I WAS protesting inside as well as thinking a million thoughts of all types, but literally could not raise a hand to stop him. His hand
still clutched my naked boob, challenging me to react. His eyes were a cold blue and the corners seemed to wrinkle as he smiled broadly at me. He seemed much older than I had originally guessed.

"You're very pretty," he said. Encouraged by my apparent surrender, he took a quick glance around and proceeded to unbutton my coat, revealing my breasts and taking one in each hand. I blushed madly.

Slowly his fingers found their way to my stomach, then to the belt. He paused for a second, then leaned over to get a better look at what felt so strange to him. I felt him pat the envelope and dig a finger in to check its contents. Slowly he brought a wrapped condom up and held it in front of my face. I blushed even deeper and could have died of embarrassment at this point, cursing myself for the situation I put myself in.


"Is this what you came for?" he asked, slightly amazed himself. He waited for my reply.

"Yes," I answered weakly.

He looked again behind the envelope, finding only hard metal to his probing advances. He looked at me again with a quizzical gaze.

"…in my ass," I pleaded.

The two heads in the front row turned and looked back in unison. The glare from the screen made it difficult to determine what their reaction was to my whispered reply, but now they were watching what scene would soon unfold.

He only hesitated for what seemed like half a second.

"Stand up," he commanded.

On shaking knees I rose and waited. He easily slipped the coat off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor, giving my now-naked body a quick, appreciative once-over. I was visibly shaking all over now, completely engulfed in my own exhilaration and aching for this man's touch.

"Turn around," he acknowledged. As I managed to turn my backside to him I heard his zipper tear down and his trousers fall to the floor. As my bound wrists came into view he took them into his grasp and clucked knowingly.

A gentle hand between my shoulder blades and I was bent over, my round ass offered to this man as he would use me. I felt his coarse hands part my cheeks and a welcome sensation as he shoved a finger into the rubber tube in my rectum. I let myself relax as his finger worked its way deeper to check the extent of the unusual device I wore before him. "Crazy bitch…" was all I heard him mumble.

Only a moment later and his hands were on my hips, and a third probe was at my love's door. Slowly he pushed himself in, allowing the lubricated skin of the condom slide easily past the slippery gate of the tube. I could only feel the pleasurable rapture of my anus, the fullness of my butt accepting his moving penis, in and out, in and out. My hips followed his thrusts, my boobs swinging with each stroke. The thick rubber prevented me from feeling everything but for the moment it was enough.

A pair of shorts appeared in front of me and from them sprang another cock. I hungrily took his shaft into my mouth, completely engrossed in the ecstasy of the moment. I was being fucked, in the ass and in the mouth, while naked and handcuffed in a movie theater.

The tingling started in the small of my back and slowly washed my body with heat and pulsating emotion; my knees buckled from the power of my first orgasm of my weekend and I cried out around the cock that pistoned in and out of my mouth with abandon. My anal lover's strong arms caught me and held me tightly so as not to interrupt his assault on my poor rectum tube.

The cock in my mouth began spurting gobs of warm come, and I caught each as it left and savored the syrupy texture on my tongue. He pulled out quickly and I felt warm dabs on my face, on my cheeks. I heard a low, glutteral moan come from my anal lover and I ground my hips back into his in utter lust as he came. His rough hands pulled upwards into my abdomen as he shot himself into his condom, his moans so loud I thought the desk clerk would call the police.  It seemed to go on forever, this man holding my very being in his strong grasp as we shared our own animalistic lust together.

Presently he stopped completely and withdrew his penis from my bottom, the rubber sheath closing tight after it. His hands held me down against the seat back so I couldn't move, not that I was able to anyway; my powerful climax had drained my strength and I slumped there, breathing heavily.

His hands lifted from my hips and I felt him move away, pulling his pants back up and a moment later depositing the semen-filled condom on the small of my back. The guy in front of me stayed, running his fingers lightly through the come in my hair.


After a few minutes I turned around and looked at my situation. The two guys on the front row were now embracing and kissing deeply and the guy off to the side was still passed out, or dead, I wasn't sure which. I looked to the floor for my overcoat and pondered for a second on how I'd get out of the building if I couldn't put it back on, cuffed as I was. I eventually asked one of them if they would put it back on for me and he did,
smiling broadly at me the entire time while his buddy looked on.

I made my way back to the front desk and out the door, not stopping to look into anyone's eyes and safely contained myself until I reached my car. I thought for a moment if I'd be able to wiggle underneath in order to get my keys back but I realized it would not be possible. Looking around, I spotted someone sitting behind the wheel of a dark-colored Dodge, one of the very few cars in the parking lot.

I needed to get my keys back. I padded as best I could, trying to look more or less normal with my hands cuffed and approached the car. The lone figure watched me very carefully, only turning is head when I leaned in the window. He was in his mid-twenties, with wire-rimmed glasses and seemed very shy.

"Can you help me?" I asked timidly.

"Sure," he replied. "Did you lock your keys in the car?"

I shrugged. "Kind of.  Can you help?"

He turned the key in the ignition and fumbled with something before he opened the door and stood before me. He was shorter than me and seemed very unsure of himself. Together we walked the dozen or so feet to my car and I motioned to my car.

"I accidentally kicked them underneath. Can you crawl under there and find them?"

The look he gave me was classic. At that moment, in the midst of asking a complete stranger to release my hands and allow me to get back into my car while nearly naked in only an overcoat, the only thing on my mind was I wish I had a camera. I guess my weak smile was just enough for him to kneel and poke his hand around.

"Found them," he announced.

I looked pleadingly into his eyes as he held the keys to me. I remained silent for a couple of seconds before slowly turning and answering, "Can you unlock these?"


"They're handcuffs," I said. "Please take them off."

My back was to him as he waited for what seemed like hours before venturing his hands under my coat. Slowly the coat came up and I could feel his eyes on my legs, then my round ass, then my bound wrists. The keys jingled and I felt his shaking hands against mine as he tried several times to fit the key in the lock and open the cuffs.

"I really appreciate this," I offered.

I felt the first cuff, then the second come free and I rubbed my wrists in relief. I turned back to him, holding the handcuffs as if they were a dead rat.

I gently took the cuffs from him. "Thank you," I said, offering my arms to him and hugging him. "Thank you so much."

"What happened?" he blurted.

I smiled broadly, stepping back to find my car key. "Nothing," I answered. "It's okay. I do things like this sometimes."

I turned to my car and pushed the key into the lock, turning it and hearing the welcome sound of the door latch releasing.

"Can I call you?" he asked.

I paused. For a moment I pondered the consequences of having this guy over one night; I had imagined my Master to be a bit more demanding, a little more forceful, but…

"Sure," I replied. I took a piece of scrap paper and scrawled my cellular number on it. "Try calling me next weekend, okay?" He took the slip of paper, this time as if it were gold.


The drive to the grocery store was uneventful. It was about 10:25 and I reasoned that being Sunday the store would be nearly empty by now. As I parked near the front door I saw that I was right. There was only two other cars in the lot, one of them about ready to leave.

I must admit I cheated a little in getting the envelope back. I strolled deftly to the canned foods aisle and clutched my overcoat tightly over my bare chest. The envelope was right where I left it. I picked it up and slipped it into my coat pocket. Only now do I
realize how much trouble I would have gotten into if someone had been watching me on the security camera or further down the aisle. I have never shoplifted and didn't even think of the consequences of retrieving my key in such an abrupt manner. Thankfully, no one seemed to mind.

I got back into my car and headed home, feeling slightly guilty for not going all the way till midnight as I had planned. I reassured myself that I would think of something more confining, something that might even force me to come in here stark naked.

Parking my car, I took the key and let myself back into my own house. It was my last day of wearing the chastity belt as I'd go to work tomorrow morning and get my key back. I planned to take half of the morning off and head home in order to remove the belt and finally be free of the self-imposed torture I had placed myself in. Since it was my last night, I decided to make sure I'd remember it; taking off my shoes and garters, I once more took a long bath and washed myself as best I could around the metal covering. My skin was red and irritated where the metal edges cut in as I walked and I looked forward to removing it altogether.

On my nightstand was a lamp connected to one of those vacation timers. This was the only light left on in the house as I methodically turned off each one and got ready for bed. I set the timer to go off in exactly 30 minutes so I'd have to rush a bit and wouldn't get a chance to change my mind before I started.

Before I lay down I put on my corset and pulled it tight around my tummy and hips. I wanted to be a little uncomfortable and wearing it all night was the best way to accomplish this. I also pulled on my four-inch heels and fastened the loop locks on those as well. Until my hands were free the next morning I wouldn't be able to remove either one of them.

I found my bag of wooden clothespins and took a bit of time to clamp the entire amount on my breasts, one by one. When I was finished I lay down on the bed carefully and attached my legcuffs to a chain coming off the bedframe. I locked this in with a Master combination lock and lay back. At my head was the other end of the chain, secured underneath the bed so it could not be drawn out. I cuffed my wrists again with my
favorite pair of handcuffs and hooked the second combination lock hasp around the cuff chain, closing it with a strong click.

I wanted to relax a bit and wait until the lamp went off before I decided; should I lie on my back all night and try to keep the clothespins on, or should I roll over as best I could and pop them off before bedtime?

I pondered the thought for just a few minutes before the timer clicked and I was in complete darkness.


I must have been very tired for that was the last thought I recalled before the first pin snapped off. I had tried to roll over and get a bit more comfortable and driven the end of the pin against the mattress, easily forcing the pin to release my boob flesh. I woke with a start, completely startled by the noise and the sudden biting pain. It took a few minutes before I realized what my situation was and I wasn't sure if I wanted to undergo a full night off surprises.

Waking up just a bit more I decided to roll over and release all of them at once, choosing to take all the pain now and get it over with. Being half-asleep is not the best condition to be in when making these kind of decisions, I tell you now.

I held my breath and rolled over. Each pin made a slight clicking noise as it came off and my breasts came alive with the blood flowing back into where each pin had been. I could hear myself whimpering although I couldn't see anything else; I had made sure that no light would get in until morning, not even from my clock radio. I had also painted the combination dials black with a Magic Marker so there would be absolutely no way to cheat myself.

I dreamed I was being held in a prison cell, completely blacked out and only allowed to see the light of day when my captors would open the tiny door and bring me my meals, also taking advantage of my bound body for their own pleasure. I imagined they had covered my boobs with these clothespins so I wouldn't be able to relax, much less sleep. My captors would come in in the morning and see I had taken them off myself and whip me for that, putting them back on and forcing me to roll over and take them off again and again for their amusement.

In my sleep I had another orgasm, this time not so intense by satisfying just the same. I knew nothing would feel right until I could touch myself the way I used to so I looked forward to the sun coming up.


The sun DID come up and I awoke from the most refreshing sleep I had had in a long time. I unlocked the combination locks and took my morning shower, powdering myself around the belt so I wouldn't be so sore when it came off.

On the way to work I was singing. It was a bright Monday morning and I felt better than I had felt in so long that I wondered what could go wrong on a day like today.

Arriving at work I looked for Carol. She normally sat in the smoking area and waited for me to show up, but she was nowhere to be found. I looked for a bit and then asked my boss where she might be.

"Oh, she had an accident on the way back from her trip. Some drunk guy hit her and she's hurt pretty bad from it," Jack told me. "They took her back to her mom's house to get better and follow the police report from there."

Her mother's house? Her mother lived at least seven hours away from me and my I.D. was with her! I stopped at the security desk and dialed her mom's house immediately.

Her father answered the phone. "Tracy!  Oh hi!"

"Hi Bob. Is Carol okay? I heard she got in a wreck…"

"She's got a broken ankle and some cuts and bruises but she's okay otherwise. She's going to stay with us for a while."

I hesitated. "Umm… is her purse nearby?  She has my work ID and I really need it back, if at all possible…?"

"Her purse?  Hmm… yes, here it is. I don't think…" he rustled in the bag for a moment and floored me with his next words. "No, it's not here.  I'm afraid it might be back there on I-40 somewhere, sweetheart. Can't you get another one?"

"I hope so, Bob," I quivered.  "Call you later."

The special key for my belt was one of only two, and I hung up the phone to rush up to my desk after hurriedly signing out a temporary pass. My heart was racing as I turned the final corridor and to my horror saw my desk was empty, save for a small yellow
piece of paper.

Slumping in my chair I took the note and read it:

'Dear Tracy, I know you've been eyeing me for the last few weeks and I realized you didn't know how to approach me. That's okay, no need to explain. I got your house key and I'll stop by this weekend to pay you a visit, if that's okay with you. I know how shy you are so I'll bring the wine. See you then.'

-- Secret admirer.

I glanced around the office and tried to find him, but no one looked back. There were lots of guys in the office and I racked my brains to try to figure out who it might be.

Reality began to sink in.

Both of my keys were now missing. I was a hapless victim of my own design, as my vagina was now locked away from my own touch for how long I didn't know. I did not know anyone that could cut it off, nor did I have a clue on where to start looking for the key. All I knew was that some guy in the building had the sole key to my vagina and thought it was a goddamned house key.

I slipped into the ladies restroom and locked myself in one of the stalls, sat down and wondered what to do now. I was completely at a loss for words with this new complication and I began to cry. Aside from my subdued whimpers the only sound was the gentle sound of the metal strip that covered my vagina bumping lightly against the rim of the toilet seat, echoing in the empty restroom.


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