Tracy`s Weekend

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The best thing about the human body is that it learns to adapt.

Tuesday rolled around uneventfully and I began to accept the possibilities. Things were looking a little brighter all around and I seriously considered visiting the local locksmith about my little problem. It took a bit of courage to even place the call to them, but the confident man that answered made me feel so much better. Now it was just a matter of screwing up the courage to go down to the shop and take my clothes off for them so they could finish the job.

Tuesday afternoon came and slowly passed as I tried to make eye contact with each of the guys that worked in my department, none of which even gave me the slightest pause. I was beginning to feel almost comfortable with the chastity belt, although I longed to be free of it and take a long, soothing, cleansing bath afterward. No more notes appeared, and soon I was wondering if it might have been one of the night cleaning crew or maybe even a woman; but the note was written in such a masculine hand on one of the yellow pads we normally used so I was relatively certain it was a man that was holding me hostage.

I talked to Carol on the phone and was relieved to know she was doing better. My ID was in the glove box, she told me. She was sure it was there, easily retrieved when she could go down and collect the rest of her belongings from the impound yard. She promised that she would FedEx it to me as soon as she had the chance.

I mentally put the locksmith idea on the 'last resort' list and settled into waiting patiently, more or less, for one key or the other to show up before the weekend. Feeling a little bit better about my situation my thoughts turned back to enjoying my captivity, and soon I was quite ready to head home from work that day. The sun was just dipping below the horizon as I pulled out of the parking lot and headed home.

Before going home I stopped at the local Food & Fuel and slipped my spare handcuff key behind the pay phone and secured it with a small wad of chewing gum. I then pretended to make a call, while surveying the surrounding area carefully. The store was located on the corner of two relatively minor streets, so later the traffic would be very light and hopefully would allow for a single person to slip by largely unnoticed. There was a back alley and also a brick enclosure where the dumpster was located. Otherwise, the parking lot was wide open and brightly lit.

Finishing my "call" I got back into my car and traveled the remaining four blocks home. I checked the time; it was now about 6:30 and the temperature was dropping rapidly. The cold days had returned and I hoped this would mean people would stay indoors tonight. Locking my car behind me I walked up the steps and spied a small yellow note in the screen door. I snatched it off and pulled it open:


'Stopped by at six, didn't find you home. I'll try again later. Hope all is well.


Now he had a name. Steve. Steve the who? Off the top of my head I knew one Steve in Shipping, a Stephen down at the security desk, probably five others I didn't know by name, not to mention my own brother in law who lived 400 miles away. The handwriting looked the same, or at least I thought it did with the fading light, as it seemed to be written hastily in one's palm.

Well, at least it's not that geek George from the mailroom, I shrugged.

I settled down and relaxed for the next couple of hours, hoping that this 'Steve' person would make a repeat appearance but it didn't happen.


At about 10:30 I decided to go get my key back from the Food & Fuel. I stripped completely naked once more except for my chastity belt and planned my next adventure.

Since I would be outside, I opted to wear a pair of running shoes and my long coat, buttoned only at the waist. My hands were trembling as I attached a small bell to each of my nipples with a clover clamp. The bells would assure that I didn't run or breathe too heavily if I didn't want to be heard by every dog in the neighborhood. I also slipped my favorite pair of handcuffs on the coat pocket.

Once this was done I resigned myself to the next task. Taking a few long breaths of air, I slipped out the front door and heard it latch behind me. I then placed the spare house key on top of the door trim. Now once my wrists were restrained I would be required to walk four blocks and venture into the lights of a convenience store in order to get free. With the rush of this realization I pulled my arms out of the sleeves and quietly cuffed my hands behind me.

With that, I started strolling. The night air was brisk and slightly chilly, and tiny goosebumps formed from my neck all the way down to my ankles as I began my trek. The bells were muffled by the coat and I found I could walk a little faster than I originally believed.

I was humming in tune to the bells swinging at my breasts when the first car passed, then the second. I was taking the direct route to the Food & Fuel, on the sidewalk of one of the cross streets when I realized that the first car drove by again, this time in the opposite direction. I could not see inside the windows for they were tinted heavily. I glanced over my shoulder as the car continued down the street and turned a few streets down.

Once the car was out of sight I broke into a slow jog, closing the distance between me and the store just ahead. The bells started jingling a bit louder now but I didn't pay much attention as I turned the corner and made the alley. I paced around to the far corner and peered around the wall, not fifteen feet to the phone booths on the side of the building.

My heart sank as I suddenly realized I couldn't find the key through the heavy material of the coat. I would have to gather the coat up and reach out from underneath. From behind. This was quickly turning into a minor unforeseen circumstance.

I clutched the material and slowly drew the back of my coat up to my waist, exposing my bottom and the thin strap of metal that nestled securely up my backside. I glanced around briefly and sulked out from behind the building cautiously.

The night breeze cooled my burning butt and chilled me to the bone. I carefully approached the pay phones and turned, lifting the back of my coat even further to grope for the key. I know I was only there for seconds, although it seemed like long minutes before I finally located the key and yanked it loose. I immediately headed back to the safety of the alleyway, the key clutched tightly in my right fist.

I had no problem unlocking the handcuffs, and my arms were free once again. I dropped the handcuffs and key in my pocket and buttoned my coat all the way up, welcoming the sudden warmth of the heavy material.

My arms free and the bells delicately removed from my nipples, I walked home without incident, closing the front door behind me and slumping on the couch. After a short breather I removed my coat and lay naked, all except for the chastity belt which was still locked tightly in place. I closed my eyes and fantasized that my Master was looking over me and pleased with my latest mission, although it went a bit too smoothly for his taste.


Wednesday came and went and I headed straight home to find the blessed Federal Express envelope stuffed in my screen door. Words can't describe the elation and relief I felt finding my ID badge with the small key ringed safely into it.  I wasted no time in stripping completely naked and dashing into the bathroom, running some hot water into the bathtub for a well-deserved bath after I had freed myself from the belt. I sat on the toilet seat and positioned myself for escape.

For only a moment I considered 'misplacing' the key for another day, or even for another few hours but my desire for comfort won out.  I gently inserted the key into the lock, turned it ever so carefully and heard a wonderful *click* as the lock was opened, the metal straps slipping off and falling to each side with a dull creak. I slowly pulled the front plate away from my pubic mound, feeling the suddenly cold air rushing against my womanhood and giving me goosebumps all over. Holding the belt down on the seat with my thumbs I eased up, slipping the anal tube out gently, the padding literally peeling off my skin and at last I was free. I let loose of a breath of air I hadn't realized I was holding and gently rubbed the feeling back into my crotch.

The warm water felt soothing and wonderful against my flesh and I drained the tub and ran a second and third helping of bathwater before I pulled the plug and reached for my shower massager. Lying back in the warm tub, hair wet and dripping, I turned the faucet on to a comfortable setting and spread my legs wide. The massager pulsed and I felt a new rush of sensation, as now there was nothing between the chattering stream of water and my highly sensitive clitoris but air. My body jerked involuntarily at the news and slowly I worked myself into a frenzy. The warm water ran over my lips and down over my sore cheeks, soothing my tortured flesh and igniting nerve endings dulled since metal covered them not a week before.

My shrill cries of climax echoed in the small bathroom and my elbows and hips thumped against the sides of the tub as I felt my orgasm nearing and hit with full force.  I let myself go, crying out and shuddering as I pleased, suddenly feeling dazed and very happy.


It was early Thursday morning when I received another note from my secret admirer;

'Dear Tracy, 

'I'm starting to think this isn't your house key, since I have to admit I tried it in your lock and it didn't quite fit. Do you suppose we got our messages crossed?  -- Steve.' 

I folded the note and placed it in the drawer of my desk, glancing around for any sign of who it might have been that found their way to my desk before I got in. I was beginning to suspect someone from the night cleaning crew, as it seemed to make more sense than anything else. I was still no closer to figuring out who had my other key, but the situation was not quite as dire as a week before.

This morning I had to take a short walk down to shipping to verify an order and check up on some quality control. This little excursion wasn't all business, of course; shipping and receiving was shutting down over the next two weeks in order to reorganize stock and catch up on paperwork, so I used this as an excuse to reconnoiter the area for my next adventure and to put my long-standing plan into action.

The main storage area was rather large, with towering shelving units all around and boxes upon boxes of stock packed to the walls. On one end was the docks, with a large remote-controlled cargo door that rolled up into the ceiling and a regular security door next to it, in which I placed a small wad of paper to keep the door from locking.

Finishing this task I strolled back into the main storage area and glanced around; out of all the boxes in the room there was one I needed to find when the situation warranted it; a couple of months back I had packed a spare car trunk key and a bright orange rain poncho in one of the storage boxes and fixed a fake shipping number on the label so the box wouldn't be pulled off the shelf. I had one of the guys put it away for me so I wouldn't know exactly where it was and he assured me that it wouldn't be sent somewhere by accident. Looking around I didn't see it anywhere, but I preferred to have that extra little bit of uncertainty in my bondage adventures.

That night I decided to have a little fun after the two-week shutdown that day, so after about eleven I readied myself for my next helping of self-bondage fun.

I drove down to work wearing only a black plastic trash bag, calf-high heeled boots and collar. In my handbag I had my nipple bells, a pair of heavy leather cuffs and two 6" lengths of lightweight metal chain. The trash bag was not doing a very good job of keeping me warm this evening, but it would make a fine temporary covering for my nakedness.  My heart was racing as the darkened building came into view as I pulled into a far corner of the parking lot and turned off the engine.

I first tied off my boots right below my knees tightly so that I wouldn't be able to kick them off easily. This being done I got out of my car, tying off a small cord to the back of my makeshift plastic coat. Once I walked away more than a few feet the plastic would tear, exposing my body for all to see. Underneath the plastic I attached the special bell-clamp, one to each nipple. Ever so cautiously I retrieved the cuffs and the two chains from the seat. Opening the hasp of the padlock on my collar, I linked the two chains through the hasp and wrapped the leather cuffs around my wrists, finding the small D-rings in each and locking them to each of the chains with two padlocks. The keys to these locks were on my keyring which I pulled from the ignition and carefully placed in the open trunk of the car, already experiencing the difficulty of having your wrists locked to your neck by a short chain. I did get the trunk closed and leaned on it without thinking. Not a moment went by before I realized I had sealed my fate without even thinking twice as I heard the trunk lock.

The cord was almost stretched out and I pondered my situation.  I figured I could try to turn around and untie the cord, which I tried to do, my collar chains making this very difficult. I succeeded in turning myself around in the plastic and finding the knot, but by sheer will for adventure I stepped backward instead and pulled the plastic free. The bag tore easily and as I twisted away from the car I was suddenly very naked and shivering
in the midnight air.


I closed the distance between the building and my parking spot, my heels clicking loudly on the pavement, bells ringing softly and my wrists clumsily bound at my neck.  I didn't run, not that I could have without falling down and I was not sure if I would be able to stand up if I did, so I marked my steps and soon was at the loading docks, unobserved.

Bending over I reached for the door handle and tugged.  After a couple of good pulls the door came open and I hustled inside, easing the door closed behind me.

The shipping area was silent; a eerie difference from the normal daytime hustle and bustle, and my heels and bells echoed loudly in the darkness. I located the storeroom door and slipped inside.

I chanced turning on a desk lamp to make my job a bit easier, although I hadn't planned on it being so dark in here. The possibility of me finding my package was suddenly much more remote than before.

I had just finished the first shelf, front and back when I head footsteps in the adjoining hallway. My God! I was certain there was not going to be anyone in the building!  Clutching my nipple bells close to my chest I slipped behind one of the stacks of boxes and tried to calm my breathing.

A flashlight played under the door frame and stayed there for what seemed like ten minutes, then I shuddered as the doorknob turned and someone entered the room. I couldn't see who it was from my vantage point and I felt my stomach fall as the light traced the shelves and began systematically studying each in detail.

I wished I could sink into the wall behind me as the light hit my booted foot, then followed up and soon the light was in my eyes.

"What're you doing in here?" came the question.

"I'm sorry," I muttered, trying to think of a good excuse -- none came, and my legs trembled as I realized how much hot water I was in.

The light played on my pubic hair and then on my bells, pausing for an uncomfortable amount of time. I knew he was trying to figure out what was going on with the silly jingle bells hanging from each nipple, white with the harsh clamps digging in and the chains holding my wrists away from covering myself.

"Come out here," he ordered.  I sensed his voice, slightly shaken now, younger. I slowly stood up and hid my face from his view, easing out from my hiding place. The light was in my eyes and I could not see who he was, but his security badge was clearly evident on his chest.

"What's your name?"

"Tr - Tracy," I gasped. "I work…"  I stopped myself. If there was a chance I would not be reported and humiliated by everyone I thought it better not to say I was an employee. My mind was racing to make up some kind of cover story but my captor seemed to have it all figured out.

"Stay right here," he commanded. I heard his footsteps fade, then stop and return.  The light was flashed in my eyes once more and I suddenly felt sick. "No," he shook his head.  "Come on."

I felt his strong fingers around my arm and I complied, loudly clicking beside him towards the loading docks. He pushed open the door and I brushed past him out into the night.

"That way," he pointed.  I looked up and saw his finger directing me towards what I realized was his car. I straightened up and looked him in the eye.

"Now wait just a minute," I started.

"You work here, you're Tracy from up in Admin, so I know who you are.  I know that they would really like to hear about this when I tell them all about this," he growled.

"I'm not…" the words stuck in my throat. As much as I wanted to stop all of this, my job depended on this little incident not coming to light, if at all possible. I didn't have to stay at this job, but finding another job after all this time without a good reference would be near impossible in this city. The cold air pierced through my skin and I was shivering uncontrollably and I decided to get it over with; maybe just a blowjob and he'll lose interest in humiliating me. My mind was racing and I barely remembered his strong hand wrapped around my upper arm guiding me to my fate.

Pulling the door of the old Dodge coupe open he cleared away some junk from the seat and motioned me to sit, watching my breasts jiggle as I slid down onto the uncleaned upholstery and weakened cushioning. He then brought the seat belt over my chest and locked it, the shoulder belt harshly lying across my right breast and the clamp there. He
slammed the door closed and plodded around the back of the car to his door.

"I'll give you a blowjob if you let me go, " I pleaded.

Starting the car, he looked at the bells on my nipples and grinned. For the first time I got a good look at his face as my eyes were starting to recover from the flashlight.  He seemed about twenty or twenty five, a little on the chubby side with pasty white skin and round white hands, now clutching the steering wheel and eyes glancing around nervously.

"Aren't you going to get in trouble if you leave?" I offered. 

"Naw," he waved his hand. "I do what I want, they don't care." He looked at me again and studied my reaction. I tried to conceal my apprehension but the combination of the cold breeze and my nakedness didn't help.

"Where are we going?" I quivered.

He looked both ways before turning onto the street and accelerating away at a moderate speed. "Um… I thought we would go out and have a coffee…" he mumbled, unconvincingly. I straightened up in my seat and glared at him.

"What is your name?" I demanded in my best authoritative voice.

He met my stare and for only a second seemed to mentally question what he was doing. Only for a moment, then it was back to business.  "You can call me M-master."

Oh shit, I thought to myself. Not only was I in the most undesirable situation with this goofy-looking fat kid security guard, now I was being cast into the role of slave girl and being taken God knows where. I closed my eyes and prayed that this would be over quickly, quietly. Like all guys, once he had gotten his rocks off I would just have to figure out a way to get back to my car. I wondered if chubby here understood he was now involved in a kidnapping.


Once we had passed the I-15 freeway I began to worry. We were driving a good distance from my car and I began to genuinely worry that I might end up in some ditch somewhere. It was past three in the morning as we finally pulled up to a run-down looking single-story apartment complex. Pulling up to what I assumed was his apartment he grunted and turned off the car. Once more I looked at him and tried my best threatening voice.

"Listen, just stop this now and take me back to my car, and I won't even say anything about all of this…"

"Shut up," he growled, unmoving.

I paused. "Look… we're way past just playing games now, you understand. You're committing a kidnapping, okay?  Get it?"

He slowly turned to me. "Do you want me to tell them?"

"At this point I don't care. I don't need to be here and you don't want to get yourself into any trouble."

I could tell he was pondering it over. He sighed, looked around and glanced at me while he spoke. "Just let me… just stay with me for tonight," he said.

I began to protest but caught a glimpse of his eyes in the dim light.  I felt sincerity, almost a childish longing for this one favor he asked, just something to go right from his efforts. I tried to fight it, but I was sleepy myself, being up way past my usual bedtime and fatigued from worrying.

"Take me back to my car. Jerk off or whatever you need to do but... just drive me back to my car."

He was silent, thinking hard. I could feel some kind of anger, almost burning frustration almost emenating from this kid and I realized that at this hour there was no one even awake to help me if I needed it. The apartment complex looked as if only hard-working (and hard-sleeping) people lived there, and suddenly I knew it wouldn't take much to change this cop-authority wannabe into a unthinking, panicked killer.

Swallowing hard, I nodded.  "Okay, I'll stay with you, but I want to be… I want you to take me back to my car tomorrow morning, okay?"

"Sure," he exhaled deeply, a wide smile returning to his face.

His apartment was cluttered and clothes hung from lampshades and a makeshift clothesline strung from the door frame to the kitchen cabinet. He placed his hand in the small of my back and guided me to an equally messy bedroom, dimly lit with a couple of milk crates for nightstands on either side of a well-used full-sized bed. He left my side and stumbled to the closet, rummaging around and returning with a pair of bolt cutters.

The small padlocks yielded to the jaws of the cutters and my arms were free.  Gently he removed my nipple bells and swept the hair out of my eyes. He left the collar and the remnants of the chains around my neck and produced a larger padlock from a dresser drawer.

"To make sure you don't get away," he grinned.

I grudgingly allowed him to lock my wrist cuffs behind my back and suddenly felt even more naked. A combination of fear and excitement had served to cause small beads of perspiration to form under my arms and between my legs where he placed a pair of his issue handcuffs around my ankles, further hindering my ability to escape. My boots were left on but he loosened the drawstrings per my request. I wanted nothing more than to play his little game and be done with it all.

Lastly he picked me up and plopped me on the bed, drawing the covers up to my neck.  The lights went out and I could hear him shuffling around, tripping over things on the floor as he undressed. The curtains on the window were unusually heavy and allowed no light to enter, and with the door closed it was pitch black. In a few minutes I felt him climb into bed and lay a heavy arm over me. He was soft, very soft for a man, and
pleasantly warm, his hard penis poking into my abdomen. Realizing nothing more was going to happen, I soon drifted off to a restless sleep.


Sometime in the morning I awoke, sweaty and uncomfortable. My arms were stiff, my ankles hurt and my shoulders screamed each time I tried to readjust my position. Chubby was snoring loudly, clutching my left boob tightly as if it were a teddy bear or something equally reassuring against the darkness. I was able to kick off the blankets a little and get some air but resigned to waiting for my "lover" to awaken and free me.

I looked around the room.  In the dim light I could see Chubby was a very lonely man; girlie pin-up posters from the 80's and ragged copies of 'Soldier of Fortune', 'Penthouse' and a couple of light bondage magazines lying about made up the room's decor. In one corner was a bookcase of various wargaming magazines and books, a couple of empty software boxes and a long-dead houseplant, wilted and brown on the top.

Chubby grunted and opened his eyes.  His sad brown eyes met mine and he seemed surprised, almost shocked until he remembered what had happened just a few hours before.

"Good morning," I smiled, somewhat appreciative that he didn't sleep in very long.

"Goo… yeah, hey," he replied.

The mattress rocked and shook as he slid off his side and made his way out of the bedroom, leaving me there. I listened, hearing him in the bathroom urinating quietly and opening what I assumed was the medicine cabinet. After a short pause the footsteps returned and he stared at me in dumbfounded appreciation.

He turned his head and reached for his keys.  I readied my arms, attempting to straighten my wrist cuffs a little but he unlocked the handcuffs at my ankles first, then hesitated.

He planted a hand on my left ankle and clutched tightly, reaching for my right ankle.  He pulled and I was firmly rolled onto my back with my ankles in his grasp. He was surprisingly strong for being so soft-looking.  "Hey!" I protested, pulling my right leg free. "You said, you promised that you would take me home this morning…"

"I meant I got to fuck you too," he argued.

"No," I resisted. "You said you were going to let me go and take me back to my car, and that's what you promised to do. You made a promise."

"I -- I just want to fu -- make love, to you, you know," he whined, giving me the eyes again. I wondered if he knew what that did, maybe using it on his own mother all those years and realizing what power a simple, pitiful look held.

I gritted my teeth and relented.  "Okay, okay… just take off the lock first."

That smile came back all too soon and I knew I had made another mistake. I had just given this guy permission to shove his tiny little dick into me and use me for whatever purpose he had intended in the first place, only that I had given him permission, which made it all right.

He made no effort to remove the lock between my wrists; in short order he had retrieved a blue condom box from under the bed and withdrew a condom package, tearing it open so roughly I thought he might have damaged the rubber. He expertly rolled the condom over his hardening prick and paused as he made himself ready.

"Wait, wait…" He climbed off the bed and reached for his top dresser drawer, pulling out a small pair of lacy red panties. He held them above me, smiling maniacally. "These were my girlfriend's," he explained. And without further warning, he came down and unceremoniously shoved them in my mouth, forming a ball as he shoved the excess fabric in with stubby fingers. I didn't resist, knowing somewhat that this latest indignity
was only a matter of course.

He settled himself down between my legs and made ready to enter me. He was already red and panting, multiplied many times as I felt the head of his dick at my pussy and slowly pushing itself in. He wasn't terribly big, but he made up for his size in sheer effort, pummeling me into the mattress and completely looking like he was about to have a heart attack with each thrust.

Not five minutes later he slowed down, grunted and collapsed, completely spent. I was having trouble breathing with his weight on me but after a few minutes he rolled off to his side of the bed and panted heavily. I looked up and noticed that through all of this, the condom was ballooned with come and thankfully intact. I shoved the panties out of my mouth with my tongue.

About fifteen minutes later he came to his senses and looked around the room, suddenly very agitated.  "I, uh… I should get you something to wear, huh?" he stammered.

"Yes, find me something to wear, anything will be fine," I reassured him.  "A towel, something."

"Okay, Tracy," he scurried out of the room and returned with a large bath towel that I wrapped around myself once he had removed his padlock.  I still had the collar on but declined his offer to cut it off for me.

The ride back to work was filled with apologies and oaths to never do that again.  I learned his name was Pete and he was scared shitless that I might report him or worse, turn him in. I kept reassuring Pete that it would be all right and nothing would happen if he just got me back to my car and helped me break out a window so I could get back in. Pete was unexpectedly resourceful, as it happened, producing a slim-jim from his trunk and easily opening my car door to allow me to open my trunk and get my keys back.

I said goodbye to him and headed home, exhausted and mentally spent, still somewhat relieved that this adventure hadn't turned into something worse. On some sweaty, dingy level I actually somewhat enjoyed the excitement, but vowed I wouldn't try anything like that again, especially not at work. However, I whimsically made the mental note to invite Pete to my house to paddle my bare butt one of these nights when I was feeling particularly horny.


Later that morning I called in, missing yet another day of work. I had no worried that Pete would report me as I knew *he* knew his offense was much, much worse than my own and I had him by the balls, so to speak. I did find out his last name and was able to find his phone number in the employment registry very easily, so if I ever had to get Pete for anything I wouldn't have to look very far.

At the local sex shop I frequented they had male chastity devices, one being the CB-2000 which was a decent price and looked like it would suit my purposes. It had five different sizes of rings and a short, polycarbonate cage that looked like it would hurt if the wearer got an erection. I bought one on my credit card and made some plans for the evening.

Friday afternoon I alternated between being completely grossed out and finding myself aching for Pete to sweat on me again, to show my imaginary Master what lengths and to what disgusting ends I would be used to satisfy him. But at the same time I knew it was time for Pete to suffer a little bit too for his urges, and to this end I paid Pete a phone call.

"What do you want?" he asked nervously.

"We played your game last night, now we're going to play mine. I want you to come to Sunset Motel tonight, room #14 tonight at eight o'clock. Got it?"

"What kind of game?" he stuttered.

"Don't worry, Petey, nothing you can't handle. If you don't want me to go to the police you had better be there early."

"I'll tell Jack Campbell about how... what you did at work..." he challenged.

"And I'll have you on charges of kidnapping, rape, assault, oh the list goes on, Petey. I wonder how they'll treat you in prison? Do you think they'll be nice, or will they give you some of your own medicine? And I'm sure they won't ask first, Petey, they'll just take your little white butt and ..."

"I'll be there, I'll be there!" he panicked. "Don't tell anybody, please? Please don't? I won't tell anybody, I'll... I'll do whatever you want..."

"Eight o'clock, Petey," I answered.

"Where? Which hotel?" he interrupted.

I gave him the room number and time once more and hung up. I couldn't help but laugh to myself how easy this was. Never FUCK with a woman, Petey.


That night after some associated preparations I bathed and dressed in my most authoritive outfit, although in my case it wasn't much more than a pair of black jeans and a cadet-collared blouse. I gathered up my sets of handcuffs, the CB-2000 and whatever else I had into a black suitcase and made ready to meet my new wimp slave. I also put on my own chastity belt once more but didn't lock it.

The room was paid for even before I made the call to Pete, so I got the room key and made myself comfortable with a glass of wine and a few pillows. A little after eight I heard a timid knocking on the door. I gave him a few moments to sweat (literally) and then I ordered him to come in.

He was wearing his uniform pants although his blue shirt and badge were replaced with a white T-shirt that he wore underneath. I knew that he had to be at work in a couple of hours so I got right to the point.

"Strip!" I heard myself say.

He looked at me with those soft hazel eyes and didn't seem to understand what I wanted. He fidgeted with his belt buckle for a moment and muttered something in reply.

"I said strip. Take off your clothes right now, Petey. Right there. You don't come in unless you're naked."

Clumsily, hesitantly he removed his uniform slacks and shirt, standing there in his stained underwear. He looked at me again with a pitiful look in his eyes.

"You know, screw it. Get dress and leave. You aren't worth my time, fatso. Just go home; I'm sure the police will be calling you real soon."

"N-no, please..." he quivered, removing his underwear in a hurried motion and added them to the pile at his feet. He stood there in the doorway, completely naked save his socks and shoes. He was visibly shaken, and utterly humiliated, much to my liking.

"Close the door, stupid."

He nudged the pile of clothes into the room and closed the door behind him, trembling. He made a feeble attempt to cover his tiny, shriveled penis with his hands

"The shoes, too." I sighed.

He knelt and untied his shoes one by one, adding them to the pile. I looked at him and couldn't help but allow an evil smile cross my face. My dominating attitude was not easy to maintain but it was getting more fun by the minute.

I tossed him a set of my handcuffs. "Behind your back, Petey, just like you had me do," I ordered. "Petey, no, you need another name. You're going to need a more appropriate name from now on." I fondled my glass of wine and watched him stand there nervously, hands cuffed and face a glowing red. His penis was starting to stiffen a little as well.


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