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What a difference one year can make. Think about where your life was just a year ago. Has things changed for you for better or worse? Gia and Iona find themselves in a a bit of Deja Vu where just one year early Gi was a budding new domme and Iona a fresh new sub. Both have gained new skills. Gia, a poised, ridiculously hot domme and Iona a insanely tough pain slut! We let them loose in the dungeon again and what transpires is nothing but raw hot lesbian domination and sex Whipped Ass style! Heavy whipping, fierce caning, spanking, boot worship, ass worship, nipple torture, fisting in suspension bondage, squirting and strap-on sex are all included!

Rubber maid slave - from Gerda in bondage.

"Son of a bitch !" Gerda mumbled to her serving maid as she undresses in her quarters later. "My own dear Master loans me out like a Hertz car to one of his cronies ! What's more, his slave Yvette is my best friend here, what's she going to think !" She groaned as the huge rod slid slowly out of her bottom. "How dare Guy do this to me !"

Maria, wise in the ways of the island and devoted to her Mistress, grinned through her tight yellow mask. "It's all part of your test, Madam, Le Compte is doing this deliberately to see how you react ! besides, you're lucky in some ways, because everyone like the Baron Karl, at least you did not get one of those pigs here tonight."

Gerda paused, struck by what her maid had just said. "You're right as usual, Maria, that awful man was longing to really hurt me, but Guy stopped him. I see what you mean. You're trying to tell me that my shitty Master is doing this deliberately ?"

Maria was consulting a dressing list and laying out costumes from inside the cavernous wardrobes. "Of course, Mistress, it's all part of the Final Treatment to make sure the slave will accept anything. It'll get more difficult over the next few days, just play along with it !"

"You bitch !" Gerda said affectionately, "You knew more about what is going on here than I do ! O.K., what does the Baron want me to dress in ? Obviously it has all been arranged beforehand."

Maria giggled. "You're not going to like it Madam, but he wants you to report as a Mistress ! I think he wants you to punish his slave Yvette !"

Gerda groaned. That's all I need. Yvette's going to love me after tonight !"

She climbed into the outfit which Maria had laid out. First, the heavy latex pants with large, hard, front and rear insertions, well greased. Then her tight black latex overall suit with feet and gloves attached. Then, curiously, an English riding outfit. Thick beige rubber breeches, a smart black wigan riding jacket and black polished boots, the only difference being that they were high heeled. She dressed in them quickly, and as she bent to pull on the boots she murmured, "Whatever will the Master of Hounds say ? Maybe he'll get turned on !"

She stood up, accepting the black vinyl riding cap from Maria. In the long mirror she surveyed herself with approval. Apart from her slave mask under the cap, her rubber gloves and her high-heeled boots, she looked the epitome of a member of an English hunt. Her heavy inner suit and greased insertions did not show, although they were certainly felt. She had the delicious thought of being made to ride a horse so dressed. "Anything else ?" she inquired.

Maria consulted her list. "A heavy white rubber riding cape, which you will receive downstairs in the preparation room, and a riding whip. The Baron is using his chalet tonight, you are to report there when ready."

Gerda kissed her maid, then crackled downstairs, feeling the dildoes inside mack excitingly in their grease, playing havoc with her composure as she was still hyped up from the humiliation session. She wondered what the evening would bring, afraid only that she might offend her friend Yvette.

In the preparation room, a wide cape in heavy white rubber had been laid out for her. The Instructor strapped it around her neck, his face expressionless under the green leather mask. He handed her a long thin riding whip without comment.

She swished across the grounds in the long enveloping cape to number 9 chalet, her road and dildo easing in and out with every step and building her close to a pleasure. She resisted the urge to push on the base on the dildo to give herself more pleasure, even if it would be invisible under her cape. She felt incredibly randy and aroused. So dear Guy had given her to a fellow Master, so now she would act the role !

She entered the chalet when her knock was answered by a prim and proper serving maid, expecting to find the Baron and Yvette drinking cocktails and waiting for her. She stopped in surprise in the large sitting room, finding Yvette hanging from a rafter by her wrists, her legs in long thigh boots, strapped together, swinging slowly and helplessly high above the floor.

The Baron appeared from the bedroom door. He was dressed now it tight red latex, masked, booted and gloved. "Welcome, slave Gerda ! On time, I see. I strung up Yvette five minutes ago, and promised to let her down only when you arrived. She will be very happy that you came promptly !"

he signalled to the serving maid, who immediately crossed to a small winch and started to lower Yvette, then released her wrists from the leather straps. "Ungag her," ordered Karl, "This is a pleasant social occasion !"

Yvette sighed as the heavy, huge gag was levered out of her mouth, then rubbed her gloved wrists. "Always promises," she said brightly, "I thought I would be there for at least half an hour, but no, dear Gerda has to be on time !"

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This update features the best of recently submitted pics. From tied up teens to chained housewifes, these bondage sluts are eager to be restrained and toyed with as they indulge in their favorite pleasure - bondage. In this update we go back to basics, to the very essense of bondage - the humble rope. Watch as these young maidens are tied up and forced to succumb to their masters every wish. They try to cry out as the ropes tighten, but is it in pleasure or pain?

The Baron smiled in amusement. "The night is young, dear Yvette. I think we may find the time to punish you properly. But I admit, after that severe whipping I gave you earlier, you do seem to be in very good spirits !"

Yvette, probably deliberately to incur demerits, ignored him and crossed to Gerda, hugging her closely. "I love that cape !," she said sexily, "I bet it's covering some gorgeous dress !"

"Cool it, Yvette," whispered Gerda rapidly, "I couldn't help it, but I have been sent here as a Mistress, so don't hold it against me if I am forced to punish you tonight !"

Yvette laughed, her gloved hands caressing the long cape. "Jesus, honey, I'm longing for some real punishment ! Karl's becoming soft in his old age, try to stir him up a bit."

They parted as Karl came across and unfastened Gerda's long white cape and allowed Gerda to step out of it. She stood there, whip in hand, feeling slightly ridiculous in her hunting costume. Karl motioned for the maid to bring across some drinks.

"Vodka, this evening. Relax for the moment, slaves, I have some really horrible tortures for you later !"

"Bully for you," Yvette said coolly, appearing to take delight in insulting her Master. "More promises, promises !" She accepted a neat vodka from the maid and turned to Gerda. "He gave me 150 strokes this afternoon, but my bottom's hardly burning and now he's exhausted. Gerda, never get stuck with a tired old Master!"

Gerda was appalled. In her wildest nightmares she would never have dared talk to Guy in such a manner. Then she remembered that Yvette had been Karl's top level slave for two years, and no doubt this was a normal part of their relationship, and she already knew that Yvette was the total masochist.

Karl came forward, smiling broadly beneath his red leather mask, glass in gloved hand. "You look much too lovely and relaxed in that latex dress, Liebchen, go and prepare yourself to be a trussed chicken. Your maid here, Cheryl is her name ?, will help you into the costume while I talk to our guest."

Obediently, Yvette finished her drink, knelt and paid homage to her Master and departed with Cheryl. As she rustled out of the room, she called back "Watch him Gerda, or he will be up your bottom like a randy adder !"

Karl motioned to Gerda to sit down. The grease and rods macked sexily and she struggled once more to keep her composure. She instinctively liked this tall German Master, snsing now that Guy would never have 'lent' her out to some of the other Master's.

He raised his glass. "You must understand, slave Gerda, that whatever happens tonight, whatever you hear, it is Yvette to whom I am devoted, but I know that it would be fatal for our relationship for me to take Yvette from the island. I have considered it, and so has Yvette, and we both agree that it would be a mistake. She is beautiful in mind as well as in body, but she is a sexual addict in the most masochistic way. She needs her punishment and training just as others need new shoes !"

"I'm beginning to catch on," Gerda said slowly, "This is why you allow her - let's admit it - those insulting remarks."

"You're beginning to understand ! After a while, there grows a rapport between master and slave. You, too, will develop one with Guy as you get to know him better, I am sure as I know him well and he is a very good friend of mine. Believe me, Yvette tries to - how do you say - needle me so that I will get angry and punish her more severely. Now I know her so well, I refuse to punish her at all, which makes her weep with frustration ! Oh yes, we play some good games together !"

Gerda was loving it. At least she could learn more about her own switch from haughty socialite to willing slave.

"Please tell me, Master Karl, am I right in giving in to this feeling of slavery ? To this awful desire to be subjugated and dressed in rubber and bondage ? I never even dreamed of this before I came here !"

"Gerda, each one of us must lead our own lies, decide her own future. But if you have these feelings now, after just a few months of training and have no desire to return to your previous life, imagine how happy you will feel when you grow more deeply into your role, as you must with each passing day. There is no disgrace in slavery. On the contrary, it requires enormous will power and pride to meet the challenge of being the best slave you can be for your Master !"

Gerda stood in front of him, looking very much the Mistress, but her inner thoughts were those of a slave. "You really love her, Karl ? I know I shouldn't talk to you like this, but Yvette is very close to me, are you sure you wouldn't rather be married ?"

"I can only say, Gerda, that I have proposed marriage to her four times in the past year. She has turned me down each time, on the last occasion earning herself a night in severe bondage. But believe me, she is happier here and she is wise enough to know it ! I could never give her the constant rigorous punishments that she needs, and eventually she would turn elsewhere for it.

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