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Half an hour later Gerda was mutely screaming in agony. The tendons and muscles in her feet were giving way, despite being strengthened by all the high heels she had worn over the past few months. With every second that passed she was forced to put more of her weight on her collar, slowly strangling herself.

But worse was the appalling battle raging inside her. She realised she was half drunk from the brandy, but that and the potent laxative was causing her bowels to writhe and churn, threatening to explode. As the aching pain grew, she had several times attempted to pass her stamach contents into her pants, but the huge rod blocked any hope of relieving herself.

She heard Laura's voice, then gasped a huge lung full of air as the chains slackened, allowing her hells to rest on the floor. She heard the hiss of escaping air and then she was connected again to the third cylinder.

"This will be interesting, slave Gerda ! You are now breathing a special gas. Don't be alarmed, it is perfectly safe, although hard to get hold of. We call it the breakdown gas ! As it is in such short supply, we use it only rarely, on especially difficult new slaves."

Gerda moaned slightly, mainly in relief at being able to stand on her feet and having the collar pressure eased. Vaguely she heard Laura move in front of her with a faint rustle of some new garment.

"It must be administered very carefully," said the Executioner, savouring the moment to come, "Because it releases the libido and prevents any pretence of self control, and letting your body take over. Whenever it is used it is essential that the patient be severely confined, as for a short time he or she goes completely sexually crazy ! How are you feeling, slave Gerda ?"

Apart from the ominous stomach pains, Gerda was rapidly recovering. "Please, Mistress Laura," she mumbled timidly, feeling the heavy rubber helmet clamp wetly against her own slave mask, "I desperately need to go to the loo, but my rod is too big to allow it. Could I possibly return to my quarters for a while, then come back dressed the same way ?"

"The Executioner, tightly clad in a mackintosh lined red satin dress, roared with laughter. "You poor slave, you are here to suffer ! The night is young and we are only beginning your tortures. You have several very unpleasant hours ahead of you, I guarantee it ! But rest for a moment, the gas takes a few minutes to take effect. Meanwhile, we will fit you into a special heat bag."

Suspiciously, Gerda slowed her breathing, trying to detect any unusual smells in her air supply. As far as she could tell, it was normal air.

She felt a tap at her ankles, and she obediently lifted her leg while the maid slid her body into a heavy rubber bag which she pulled up to her neck and closed tightly. Between the heavy black rubber lining and the outside was a layer of electrical heaters. To Gerda it just felt like she was now inside a rubber sack.

Suddenly her mind seemed to somersault. For a brief moment she wondered where she was, then the terrible pain in her bowels grew stronger until she was gasping and straining desperately against her rod to relieve herself, no longer caring that she would shit into her watertight pants. But the rod was huge and chained firmly into her bottom, and for all her straining she accomplished nothing.

The somersault happened again and her mind seemed to clear, and she breathed as deeply as her limited air supply allowed. Her body felt alive and tingling, and suddenly strong masochism flooded through her. She dimly realised the gas was beginning to take effect, but she no longer cared. She arched forward and felt the big dildo slide into her, making her scream with delight.

"That's better," said Laura with obvious satisfaction, "I was wondering if I had connected you to the wrong cylinder ! Now you are going to enjoy your suffering, and just to make you feel better, we will switch on the heat bag. However, I don't want you hanging yourself on your ecstasy, so my maid will strap you into a harness around your waist and shoulders, and re-attach the chains to it. That way you can throw yourself all over the place in perfect safety."

Gerda tried to keep still and control herself as she felt heavy straps being secured around her body, then the chains being unfastened from her collar and re-attached to the harness at waist and shoulders. Again the winch rattled into action until she was once again only just able to touch her toes to the floor.

And now she could feel the heat building up from the thick electric bag, working through her multiple suits. Frantically she tried to keep calm, fighting the incredible sexual urges which were washing over her and destroying any semblance of lucidity.

"Please, Mistress Laura !" she implored against the tight bung pressing against her mouth, "Switch off the gas and let me go to the loo, I'll do anything afterwards, but I feel so randy, and the pain of the .....ahhhh!"

Laura stood in front of the helpless slave, quivering in the shapeless heat bag, he breathing tubes swaying back to the gas cylinder, knowing the horrifying rapture Gerda was about to experience. She dismissed the maid, then slowly sat in the armchair placed in front of her slave, savouring her own rod pushing into her beneath the long mackintosh dress.

She thought Gerda presented a highly erotic sight. Tightly encased in the black rubber heat bag, heavily strapped around the waist and shoulders from which steel chains stretched up to the gantry, holding her body rigidly upright, feet just able to touch the floor. From the faceless helmet two tube looped across to the cylinders. Evilly, Laura contemplated pouring a litre of salt water into her slave to force her to shit in her pants. Now she regretted ordering Gerda to fit the no.10, as it meant there was no chance of her shitting herself.

Gerda was in a wonderful dream world. Every defence mechanism she had erected had been crushed and flattened by the insidious gas. Her mind was clear, fully able to experience the incredible feelings sweeping through her tortured body. The pain in her intestines was now a wonderful dull aching pleasure, and she deliberately hung on her chains to force her rod and dildo deeper into her. screaming in delight as the grease macked at squelched inside her thick shorts. She loved the heat building up inside the bag, feeling her inner suit wet and dripping and her latexed feet full of liquid perspiration. She felt so good she wanted to shout it out to the world.

"Come here, you fucking lovely, awful, bitch of a Mistress !" she screamed, "Come and punish me ! I need you, I need to be punished until I am close to death. Why don't you torture me more, Mistress ?"

Laura stood and crossed to her slave. She wrapped her arms around the now hot bag and held the slave close against her body.

"I will, slave Gerda, I will. All in good time. You realise you called me a bitch ? For that you will get 100 demerits !"

Gerda was beyond reason now. She tried to press back against the Executioner's body. "Fuck your demerits ! Please, whip me again ! Whip me as hard as you can, hundreds of strokes. I want massive punishment enema's. I want to feel your cold hand suffocating me. God, it's so hot, I'm streaming and I feel wonderful. Please let me live like this, totally encased in heavy rubber. Ohhhh...the pain, I've got to...." Her mumbled words died away.

She strained mightily, then a few seconds later gave a triumphant whimper of relief. "I did it, Mistress ! I got some goodies past my no.10, I can feel it in my pants !"

Laura stood back, knowing Gerda had had enough of the terrible gas. She watched in sadistic satisfaction as Gerda started to mack on the chains, lifting her feet and deliberately swinging back and forward to activate her insertions. She switched the air supply over to pure oxygen, and turned off the heat bag.

Gerda had no conscious thoughts now, except the blinding necessity to find sexual relief through pain and humiliation. She was on the edge of a massive pleasure, desperate to come. She bounced on the harness, forcing the huge rods even more into her. The inner mask was almost drowning her in her own perspiration, and she was light headed as the pure oxygen began to take effect.

"Hold me again, Mistress," she moaned, "Tell me I'll be punished for months ahead. Make me your humblest slave, dress me in the most awful humiliating costumes and make me crawl to you. Please !"

Laura was satisfied. In a few minutes the oxygen would revive Gerda's brain and bring her senses back to normal. But while the mad abandoned need still existed, she held her slave and whispered into her helmeted ear.

"You shall serve me, Gerda. I will dress you as a baby doll, and make you crawl into my rooms in your crackling rubber bloomers so that all my guests will laugh at you !"

It had the desired effect. Gerda gave a huge cry of masochism, them was macking furiously as best she could in her vicious bondage and chains as the pleasure swept through her body.


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