Penelope And Gwen straitjacket bondage

Free bondage photos blog 17 August 2020

straitjacket panel gagged

Penelope and Gwendolyn, after constant strict bondage, and learning submission at the hands of the so-called Nurses, Doctors and orderlies of the kinky asylum who imprisoned them, finally earned the privilege of going out in the walled in yard area of the institution. They relax, for the first time on their feet not in towering heels, after jogging a few laps, pleased they were given something to wear that offered relative modesty while outside, and converse in their twin enhanced gag talk, when they are interrupted. It seems "patients" with higher privilege share the outside time, ones who have a higher degree of freedom, in strait jackets and not gagged. The strait jacket women have hierarchy, having formed a prison gang mentality, and seemed to have found a problem with the sisters relaxing in their preferred spot. The poor girls have no idea how they are supposed to get a hold of the cigarettes they now owe, and hope the bullies were lying about having access to them in their cell.

straitjacket harness gag

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