To the sound of Trumpets

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straitjacket hospital bondage enema

“Mmmph!” I struggled against my restraints. I had been straitjacketed, gagged and bound to a bed before, of course, but somehow this felt different. I was strapped to a hospital trolley for one thing. In my ears I heard the voice of my best friend, Lorraine.

“Now there’s no need to make a fuss, Colette. We’re all agreed that you need to de-stress. I’ve talked this over with Ashleigh and we both agree that a spell in her private sanatorium will be as good as a rest-cure for you. You’ll be under complete restraint and sensory deprivation for a week in the first instance. I know you - you’ll love it.”

I was a bit dubious about that. Sanatorium? What were they going to do with me?

“You’ll be cathetered, tubed for your daily enema, and a feeding tube fitted through your gag. See, all your bodily needs taken care of. Your head needs to be shaved so they can fit the double hood. First a thin, skin-tight latex hood with cut-outs for your eyes, nose, mouth and ears; and over that a thicker rubber hood with just holes for your breathing tubes and feeding tube. It incorporates seamless pads over your eyes and ears so you’ll be in complete darkness and silence.”

There was a crackle in my ear buds as I struggled desperately against my restraints.

“Actually not complete silence. You’ll be fed a continuous stream of ‘white noise’, something your brain can latch onto to keep you ‘grounded’. That’s except when they play you music or Ashleigh’s voice.”

“No!” I tried to scream, but it came out more like “Ngghh!” I didn’t want to admit to myself that I was going to find this - interesting.

“Oh, one last thing. Ashleigh doesn’t want you to get bored, so she’s left you one of her largest vibrators. The sanatorium will apply it every so often, but you’ll never know beforehand. It will also switch on the music; I’ve compiled some special mixed tapes for you, and you’ll cum to the sound of trumpets! After a week we’ll hold a review to see if your treatment needs to be taken further. Now let’s wheel you into the Prep Room and get your head shaved...”

straitjacket enema hood bed bondage ball-gag

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