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#R55 squatted defiantly. She took in her fresh air for the day, and could only smell the latex in her nose. At least they took off the blindfold while she was outdoors. She remembered when she had first come to the facility. It had seemed like a good deal. Before she came here she was Mike, a house servant for a wealthy landowner with a 12 year contract. Mike had become aggressive while serving dinner one evening, in the hopes that he would be dismissed and have the contract cancelled. They charged him with assault. To avoid prison, Mike cut a deal with his employer to attend a special facility for a few weeks to treat his misbehaviour. Mike didn't realise just what that treatment would be until it was too late.

It all started going wrong on the first day at the facility. #R55 had been caught trying to take off her special translucent latex body suit. All patients had to wear the suit 24/7, but were often allowed to wear casual fabric clothes over their body suit. Slowly #R55 had been restricted more and more for her behaviour. First the Latex straitjacket then gagged, blindfolded, and forced to wear insane heels.

After spitting food at a nurse, she was fed by other means.

It had been a while since she tasted food. Daily enemas after she lost her toilet privileges came next. For refusing to sleep after lights-out her bed was replaced with a vacbed. They rarely used sedatives on her, something about it interfering with the other meds. The only time she was knocked out was for bathing or the surgeries. Those bastards never let her be conscious without being covered in latex.

Her nurse for the day tapped her foot, leaving #R55 to her squatting tantrum, waiting for the other nurses to come answer her code. A man in a brown jacket appeared. "I knew it would be her. One of the worst cases I've ever seen, I'm going to have to sanction her to stay with us indefinitely. I think she's going to be in our care for many years to come." #R55 looked up in horror at the Doctor. He simply ignored her and bent over to buckle her blindfold back on.

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