Thistle. Free self bondage scenario

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Warning! This scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.
Please note: This scenario uses wild thistles, please make sure that the thistles are not dangerous or poisonous before using any.

A: This is a blindfold and a gag of your choice.

B: This is a thick belt securely locked around the waist.

C: This is a pair of handcuffs locked to the belt around the waist and onto the wrists.

D: This is a pair of thigh cuffs locked on to the thighs connected to each other with a 30 centimetre spreaderbar so that the legs can not be pushed together. The thigh cuffs are also locked to a pair of ankle cuffs around the ankles.

E: This is a full panty, it should have a hole in front just before the crouch piece starts. Make sure that the hole is big enough so that the rope (F) can pass through it without any problem. The rope should be put into the panty so that one end starts at the back of the panty sticking out above the waistband, leading down through the panty between the buttocks, right over the vagina and out of the panty through the hole in front. It must be able to pass through the panty with a minimum of friction.

F: This is the rope leading from the back of the panty, out in the front, passing between the thighs and out on the floor. In the other end of the rope is the key. To reach the key, the subject must pull the rope through the panty up behind the back until finally reaching the key. Regularly placed on the rope are thistle leaves attached with small stitching string so they can not fall of. The leaves should be turned so they can easily enter the hole in the panty.

G: Right before the key are a big block of ice frozen onto the rope, this block of ice should be placed in a way so that it will not be possible to pull the rope until the ice have melted.

H: This is the key for the handcuffs. Once all the rope have been pulled through the panty, the key will be within reach for the hands and liberation will be possible.

Additional Information.

Make sure that the rope can pass with as little friction as possible and that it will not get stuck anywhere, especially where it enters the panty. Also make sure that the leaves are fastened so they will not fall of if they experience friction.

Chose the thistles according to your own taste, there are several different types with a whole range of "stickiness". Just make sure to chose one that is not poisonous. Nettles can also be used but are not recommended.

Additional anchoring points should be added according to needs if the subject can still move around when bound.


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