Bent Over Pull - self bondage scenario

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Warning! This scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

A: This is the key for your release tied to a string. The string passes through a metal ring in the roof and connects to D. Part of the string has been frozen in ice to make it shorter. When the ice melts, the key will fall within reach.

B: This is a set of wrist cuffs locked to a chain hanging from the roof.

C: This is a pair of nipple clamps. They are connected to the string from objects F and H.

D: This is a collar or posture collar with a D ring in the back which connects to the string from A. (Danger of strangulation! Make sure to use a weak string so that it will break easily if you would fall over.)

E: This is a ball or penis gag and blind fold, although a hood with gag would do as well.

F: This is a spreaderbar with a ring in the middle. The spreaderbar is locked to the ankles of the subject. The string from C is tied to the ring.

G: This is a pair of high heeled shoes, the higher the better.

H: This is a weight hanging from C.


Additional Information.

To add a little extra to the scenario, make the key's string to such a length that when the key falls it is just out of reach, you will then need to raise your body - pulling on the nipple clamps - to reach the key. Use a weight to ensure the key drops when you raise your body.

The waiting can be made more exiting with the use of some additional toys. Use your imagination and the things that you have.


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