Begging For Release - self bondage scenario

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Warning! This scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

A: This is a structure such as a pole to attach you and maintain you kneeling body straight up.

B: Ropes are tied around your waist and to the pole.

C: Ropes are tied around the tighs and to the pole.

D: Ankles are attached together behind the pole.

E: A collar around your neck is attached to the pole.

F: This is a latex hood with only mouth and nose openings.

G: This is a mouth inflatable gag with feeding tube connected to container K.

H: Handcuffs links your arms to ropes I and J.

I: This rope attached to the handcuffs and on the ground or to a wall prevents you from removing anything but must allow to reach the key.

J: A rope links the handcuffs to a container K.

K: The container is filled with some nasty liquid.

L: Is the handcuffs key in a block of ice with a string attaching the key to a support reachable by the hands.

Everytime you reach out to the key trying to open the handcuffs, liquid is flowing in your mouth. The key is attached to a low support so that you have to keep your hands low trying to open the handcuffs keeping liquid flowing to your mouth. Without seeing anything, it takes a while sometime to open the handcuffs, specifically if the key hole is turned towards your arm instead of towards the hands.


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