SB-Tech-01 - self bondage scenario

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Warning! This scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

1. Icecube realese. (safety first!!!)

2.Tie up your legs with belt or ropes.

3.Put the hood and the gag.(optional)

4.Put in the electrosex butt-plug.(optional)

5.Adjust the E-stim unit to a audio mode at the levels you prefer.(optional) {!!!Its important to test the levels before you start bondage yourself!!!}

6.Adjust the alarm clock of the phone according to the time the icecube will meltdown. Put the phone next to a e-stim unit. It will tease you in interval of 10 minutes until you get free {(that's for nokia cellphones)}. There is also a bonus! If someone is calling to you, you'll get additional shocks.

7.Attach the chain (7) that connects the collar and the belt above your knees.

8.Put your hands through the belt (8) above the elbows. Make sure that the belt is not so tight, so you'll be able to lock-up the handcuffs(9) infront
your body.

After completing these steps you will have to wait until the icecube melts and the key drop into your hands.

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