Woodland Bound - self bondage scenario

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Warning! This scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

A - A set of hand cuffs.

B - A set of ankle cuffs.

C - A length of chain that links A & B.

D - A clock used for one of the clock release mechanisms found on this site.

E - The dress you have made.

F - The chosen tree or post.

First Make a dress from plastic bags and sticky tape, Black garbage bags are ideal.

Get a clock suitable for one of the clock release mechanisms found on this site, this will be the release for the keys to your cuffs, make sure it has new batteries and is not likely to fail!

Walk to a woodland area and find a suitable tree or wooden post, this tree needs somewhere secure to hang a clock from and must be thin enough for you to kneel against it with your legs and arms either side.

Next you will need to find somewhere in the woods to hide your clothes, the further away from your selected tree the better.

Return home, you will need a set of ankle cuffs and a set of handcuffs, using a length of chain and padlocks connect the two together.

Change your clothes so that you are wearing something that is quick and simple to remove and hide in the woods, no underwear or socks are allowed, shoes are allowed but must be hidden with the rest of your clothes.

Gather the things that you will need to take - The cuffs, the dress, the clock and the keys to the cuffs.

Walk out to the location where you will hide your clothes, strip off every last item including your shoes and change into the dress you have made. Hide the clothes you have removed.

Walk to your chosen tree or post, put the clock up, check it works and has new batteries, set the time for your release and hook the keys to it.

Kneel down with your back against the tree or post, one leg and arm at either side of it, put on the ankle cuffs then the handcuffs.

Wait for the keys to drop.

Once you have the keys walk back to where you have hidden your clothes and get changed back into them.

Any number of extra toys could be used with this, use your imagination.


Here are my recommendations:
Gag or Blindfold.
Newspaper dress instead of plastic bags.

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