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Warning! This scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

(A) Is a pair of strong, equal-sized bricks cinder blocks, set a certain width apart (probably a little further apart than in the picture; see Recommendations)

(B) Is the highest heels you own, locked onto your feet for fun (or later enjoyment, see Recommendations)

(C) Is an anchor point on the ground (though you could create a bar between the bricks and use that - it doesn't need to be on the floor, just tight enough so it cannot be pulled up)

(D) Is a chain connected tightly between anchor point "C" and ceiling anchor point "E"

(E) Is an anchor point in the ceiling (or anywhere overhead)

(F) Is another ceiling anchor point, centered in front of you (see Recommendations)

(G) Is a crotch rope tied around your waist and connected to anchor point "F" (see Recommendations)

(H) Is a rope or line tied to your paired nipple clamp chain and connected to anchor point "F" (though NOT to the crotch rope; see Recommendations)

(I) Is your favorite gag secured in your mouth (I would not recommend a blindfold)

(J) Is a pair off cuffs locked to each other and to a link in the chain (see Recommendations).

(not shown somewhere above and/or behind you) is your preferred key release method, which will drop the key(s) necessary to unlock your cuffs and allow you to bring your hands to the front of your body.

(not shown inside of you) is your dildo and butt plug, both essentially locked inside for the duration. I don't think I would take a chance with a vibrator in either spot, because if you had an orgasm and lost your balance, even briefly, it could be EXTREMELY painful.

This is a diabolical little scenario which will end up forcing you to make some difficult decisions (and really give you a workout)!

You are standing up on cinder blocks with your legs apart, with your feet as close to the inside edge of the blocks as they can be. The crotch rope and nipple clamp rope will keep your posture nice and straight. Your hands are cuffed behind you and to the chain itself, which keeps them at a fixed height. All is well…so far...

After just a few minutes, though, you realize the problem: your legs and feet are starting to get tired. If your legs begin to tire, you can flex your knees to relieve pressure on your thighs, but the crotch and nipple ropes will effectively be pulled upward slightly. The big problem is your feet, locked into those nasty high heels, because you will not be able to lift them AT ALL (and roll your ankles, or bend your knees, or even simply take pressure off them for even a second) without essentially tipping over to the side. Because of the arrangement you have locked yourself into, you will be forced to make a painful decision, which is to STEP FORWARD OFF THE BLOCKS.

Stepping forward off the blocks allows you to close your legs and to do whatever you must to relieve some of the pressure on your feet - but at great cost. The crotch rope will now dig savagely into your crotch. The nipple clamp rope will now brutally yank your breasts skyward. And because your cuffs are locked to a link in the chain, they won't be moving anywhere, so your arms will be pulled backwards and up. That will force your upper body forward and exaggerate the pull on the crotch and nipple ropes. But hey, at least your feet are comfortable! Before long, you will be back up on the blocks, giving your poor sex a rest, wondering how long you can hold out for until the next step-down…and because of the ropes, you won't even be able to turn around to see how well your ice is melting (if that's your method)…!


(A) You will need to experiment with the spacing of the blocks. Believe me, they do not need to be very far apart for the scenario to be effective, especially if you are wearing very high heels: you WILL get tired! They do need to be very stable so they won't move while you are up on them, or when stepping off or back onto them, so you may have to anchor them somehow. An option for such anchoring is to nail a few big enough pieces of wood (at least as wide as 2x6's, for safety) to a bigger, flat square board of wood, in which case nothing will move because all your weight will be upon it all the time, no matter where you are standing. This would also make it pretty easy to create the "floor" anchor point by simply screwing it to the board.

(D) I use the chain for two reasons: one, it makes it less comfortable to lean upon (although if you tried that, the crotch rope would probably convince you not to, even when you are up on the blocks), and two, because it fixes your hands at that certain height for when you step down. It would be OK if you had to use a pole instead of a chain, although then your upper body wouldn't be forced forward when you stepped down.

(F, G, H) The location of the ceiling anchor point and the connection of the crotch and nipple clamp ropes is vital and requires experimentation as it will be different for everyone. You want the location to be such that it definitely pulls the ropes upward as you step down (for punishment), but is only as painful as you can tolerate when you do so. And don't forget that both will become more uncomfortable as the minutes lead into hours (!) It would be awful to find that they become MUCH too painful to bear that very first time you step down! For best results, the angle of the "G" rope should be at more than forty-five degrees down from the ceiling (or up from the floor); meaning, that it should be closer to being straight up from you than it should be being parallel to the ground (in fact, in the picture it should probably be straighter). If it closer to parallel, then when you step down it would actually relieve the pressure on your crotch and nipples, and that is not the point here, is it? J To make it easier to find the right tightness, you can buy something called a "turnbolt" at a hardware store. This looks like two eyelets which are threaded in the opposite direction and connected by an outside housing. What happens is that if you rotate the housing one way, the two eyelets will pull close together (and therefore tighter), and in the other direction they will loosen. I've had success tying a rope from "F", down to the turnbolt, then down to the "G" rope, and knotting that combination pretty tight. Then I can adjust the final tightness by adjusting the turnbolt. You could do the same for the nipple chain rope. I wrote that I would tie each rope to anchor point "F" separately, because otherwise when you step down your crotch and nipples will share all the pressure on the newly-tightened rope, and I can't take as much pull in the nipples as I can in the crotch. If you can, then try it that way (and report back!)

(I) I don't recommend a blindfold because I think it is VERY important to be able to look down and make damned sure you are putting your feet right back onto the blocks when you are ready to step back up. If you were to miss, you wouldn't fall because your hands are locked at a fixed height onto the chain behind you, but you would unexpectedly be dropping all of your falling weight onto the crotch rope, not to mention that your arms would be unexpectedly yanked upwards and back - ouch. Not to mention what it would be like to have to endure the remainder of your scenario with a sprained ankle inside of a five-inch heel…

(J) see "D" for reasons to lock your cuffs to a link in the chain.


By the way, you can even do a further option off of this scenario. I have done this because I can only last for about seventy-five minutes at most on this rig, but then I don't want my bondage to end. This would allow you to do the scenario, but then remain cuffed, gagged and heeled until you could get to the key(s) that freed you from those items. The only main difference is that you will have to omit the nipple clamp chain and rope, though you could still certainly just wear the clamps themselves! Here are the two main differences:

1) Have your "J" cuffs locked together, and to a link in the chain, but have the key that falls only unlock the lock to the chain. In other words, once the key drops, you can step away from the chain, but your hands are still cuffed behind your back. For best results, wear a collar and strap your cuffs to that so you can't move your hands in front of your body (yet). Then those nipple clamps will just have to stay on! MAKE SURE you DON'T have the cuffs locked BEHIND the chain, though, because then even after you unlock them from the link, they will still be on the wrong side of the chain, and you will not be able to get free AT ALL. Just another kinky story on the 10 PM news ("Woman Dies of Starvation in Self-Inflicted Bondage Game").

2) You have to do a separate step for the crotch rope "G" for you to be able to free yourself from it without having use of your hands. Instead of tying the crotch rope directly to the eyelet in the turnbolt, you should tie the end to an "S" hook and hang that in the eyelet. What will happen is that while you are standing either on the blocks or on the floor, there will still be tension on the whole connection so that the "S" hook will stay linked into the eyelet. When the key finally drops and you can step forward from the chain, there will be enough play in the whole connection such that you can rock your hips and (eventually) have the hook fall from the eyelet, freeing you from the ceiling. You might have to tie a weight onto the hook to make sure it drops. Here, too, you will need to experiment, and also MAKE SURE THE HOOK WILL DROP because otherwise you will still be connected by your crotch rope to the ceiling, and I doubt you would be able to twist your body and reach the hook with your hands.

I have done these two additional steps, and placed the keys to the locks to my cuffs, gag and heels in a box with its own separate key, which I have placed in my mailbox in the street outside. I begin the Predicament scenario at about 8 or 8:30 PM, so I am not completely free until about 9:30-10 PM. Then I have to wait deep into the night, cuffed, gagged and heeled, until I can make sure all the lights on the street are out before I dash out there, completely naked, to get the key that allows final freedom! As far as I know, no one has seen me yet. Maybe one day I'll try it with the nipple clamps with bells on them…I own a pair, you know…!

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