Long Crawl - self bondage scenario

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Warning! This scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.
naked self bondage

This is a self bondage scenario that requires that the subject crawls from its room (1), crawl through another room (2), and finally collects the key in the third room (3).

It is probably a good idea to be alone and be sure that no one will come for a visit for this scenario. Another good idea is to make sure that all doors are open and will stay that way.

A: This is your leather handcuffs. They are connected to object C with a rope.

B: This is a pair of ankle cuffs. They are connected to object C with a rope.

C: This is a ring device. (Se {basics section}.) The ropes from object A and B is connected to this. The severity of the hogtie is determined by pulling on the rope that is hanging freely. It is important not to make it to tight, the subject must be able to move your arms and legs to get the key.

D: This is a pair of high heel shoes. No hogtie is complete without it.

E: This is the obligatory ballgag. It will prevent you from shouting for help or screaming of frustration.

F: This is the key. It is frozen in ice and is hanging from the roof in another room. In order to free yourself, you must crawl to the room and get the key. Do not forget to put something that will collect the water from the melted ice if you do not live alone.

Additional Information.

The crawl can be made more exiting with the use of some additional toys. Nippleclamps for the breasts, dildo for the vagina and buttplug for the anal cavity. Use your imagination and the things that you have.

Make sure that the string for the key are long enough so the subject can reach the key when the ice has melted.

Please note, even if the subject reaches the key and find it, it is not guaranteed that the she/he will be able to free herself/himself. The hands and arms can become useless due to bad blood circulation. Therefore make sure that the subject calls a friend before starting this scenario. She/he should tell the friend to come over in X amount of hours. The subject should make sure to leave the door unlocked or that the friend has got a key.



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