Frustrated Eagle - self bondage scenario

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Warning! This scenario might contain activities that might not be suitable in selfbondage. Please play safe.

A: Are ropes tying each ankle to the bedposts

B: Wrist cuffs, shackling each wrist to the bed posts

C: Is a combination lock (your escape) joining two halves of the shackle.

D: For men these are the girliest panties available. The keys to the wrist cuffs at B are in the panties

E: Bra with packing to give a nice bust for the men, I use water filled balloons to give a good, heavy effect. 1 minute in a microwave brings them up to body temperature and they start to feel part of you.

F: High heels, with straps so they cannot come off

G: Light on an electronic timer

The combination lock is the last lock to close, make sure you can reach AND see it AND know the number before you scramble the number. Then wait for the timer to switch out the light.

Once it goes dark you are trapped. Helplessly spread eagle, and unable to relieve the erection in those girly pants. You can feel the keys to the wrist cuffs in those panties moving around.


Additional Information.

Additional toys can be added, as can the severity of the spread eagle. I would not advice adding a gag as being on your back you would tend to choke.

You can do away with the timer altogether, just use daylight as your release.


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