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I'm a perfectly normal person in what you would call normal life. I have a normal family and job, do the normal every day things that normal every day people do, but I have a slight fascination with Bondage and Self Bondage, that's what this is all about... Otherwise than that I'm a (counts) 30 odd year old with too much spare time on his hands (When free enough to type that is!)

My First Time! For years on end, on and off, I'd try Self Bondage experiments, none of these experiments were, before my contact with other like minded people, safe. Some of them outright frightened me into not trying anything for years afterwards. My first major experiment saw me securely bound, head to foot, gagged, blindfolded and chained by my bound ankles to a radiator in a locked room. The key for the padlock chaining me to the radiator, and the key to the room were somewhere in the room (I'd thrown them randomly just after the blindfold had been applied). The keys for the handcuffs and other chains were six rooms and one long corridor away, the other people in the house had gone out for the evening and I had five hours to get free without being discovered.

At this point, note the lack of safety precautions...

So, there I was, completely immobile in the middle of this locked room, chained to the radiator, blindfolded, gagged, hands cuffed behind my back, legs strapped together so I closely resembled a worm - five hours to possible discovery... WOW. The rush was like nothing I'd ever experienced in my life, and unlike anything else I would experience for years afterwards - this was the real thing!

Cheap handcuffs. NEVER NEVER NEVER skimp on the cost of a decent double locking, comfortable pair of handcuffs / wrist restraints.. I fell over, rolling straight onto my back, the cheap "Joke Shop" handcuffs instantly over-tightened, almost completely cutting of the blood supply to my hands. What should have taken half hour in rolling around on the floor, constrained by the radiator chain, trying to locate and use the keys to unlock said chain and unlock the door, took over two hours. Head space yes, but oh boy, frightening beyond words. Because of the way I was bound, it was very difficult to gain my legs enough to open the door with my still badly cuffed hands, this is something I should have figured out before doing it... The room was completely empty save for the radiator, so there was no furniture I could have used to lever myself up at all.

Just over two hours in, still chained up, closely resembling a gagged and blindfolded worm, this time vertical. Next came "The LONG hop / crawl", as I mentioned, I still had to navigate a long corridor and six rooms to reach the keys! About half way through my little journey I got stuck again, it was then that I became really frightened - I was suck between two doors both with "knobs" not proper handles to turn, neither door knob was at a height I could reach with my now completely numb and useless hands. After what I later worked out to be about an hour (Crying and moaning like nothing you'd ever seen!) I'd managed to work loose the gag and get my lips around the door knob, turning it enough to fall through the door!

Another half hour later and I'd managed to get he final keys, however my hopes of freedom were crushed, as by this point in time my hands were actually changing colour! This was the four hour mark, I had only an hour. Despite the dire circumstances I was still firmly stuck in headspace, rushing along at five thousand miles an hour, wow, this was it.

The keys I had were useless, I just didn't have the dexterity left to either position them in the locks or turn em enough to unlock the cuffs. Whilst not life threatening any more, this was a bad situation, in less than an hour I'd be found out, would almost certainly have been shamed beyond measure and possibly be given without my consent to "the mental health industry"; I had to get free, there was no other option.

I managed to rip the makeshift blindfold off so I could see what I was doing, however not being an owl, the problem was still very much out of visual range, the only mirrors I could use were mounted at chest height. Easy enough, I pushed a few objects together to enable a short climb / wriggle up so I could stand on a chair to see my bound hands. I just about managed (Believe me, this was CLOSE) to get a small screwdriver and twist enough to unlock one of the cheap and NASTY cuffs. The relief was almost enough to make me fall off the chair, however at that exact moment in time I realised I was on view to the world at large - the curtains were open! I was bound and helpless, balancing on a chair, trying to free myself, and the world could see... I still don't know to this day if anyone saw anything or not, just the fact that not one person has talked about it, at least not that I've found out...

After I'd half jumped / half fallen from the chair, and got the one hand free, the rest of the bounds came off freely enough, it seemed almost obscene that the other bonds came away so easily after my close to five hour battle to freedom!

It was only about ten minutes to the return of the others, so gathering my wits into some semblance of form I rushed around frantically clearing up the evidence of my escapade, and locked all the materials away quite securely against possible prying eyes.

Shower, I dived in the shower just as the folks were coming back into the house, so close, and they still don't know anything about that night. Believe it or not, after all that I just scooted away to bed, sleeping late the following day. The only things I had left to hide were the deep red marks on both of my wrists where the cuffs had cut into the flesh, and the numerous bruises I'd accumulated during the five hours of bondage hell which already seemed like someone else's life. Needless to say I wore long sleeved shirts for a good couple of weeks after, and even today, 15 years on, I still have the faintest of scars where those cheap cuffs almost cost me a lot more than I could possibly imagine. Every now and again I'll meet someone who'll notice the scars and smile knowingly, as they have their own to hide as well.


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