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his is a supplemental section to the IceSafety section, but none the less, the things here are very important!


Unless you have a play partner who isn't going to leave you alone during your session, don't. That's right - don't use a gag. They may be exciting, but the excitement isn't worth your life.

I realise that you'll probably go use a gag anyhow (Hey, I tried!), if you do, make sure you can breathe around it, and if you are a little sick it won't back up your throat. Being gagged with panties and hose sounds very nice and is erotic, but again, only with a partner handy!

If you're really intent on using a gag, try it on for at least three hours when you're not helpless, to make sure you can put up with it!

Ring Gags. Yes. These are slightly safer than the others, and have obvious uses (!), plus they won't block your airways.


Don't, unless you have a partner handy... Things can go very wrong very quickly with rope as there is no easy easy way out if you do things properly. Remember your arms / hands / fingers could become so useless so quickly by the time you get to the knife, you'll be dead. Don't to it alone.


Make sure the keyholes are facing the right way... Simple tip, but trust me, something I've overlooked once or twice.

These are ideal for most bondage situations, keep in mind that they don't work for suspension bondage, no, not one little bit. Lockable leather wrist cuffs are better!

Keys - have lots of keys handy, nothing is worse than losing your only key and having to call the fire dept!

ALWAYS spend some decent money on a good pair, NEVER buy cheap ones, trust me, your wrists will thank you!

Look around at the different types of cuffs available, there are some really comfortable ones out there for longer term bondage.

Hands behind back... I know this is a better feeling, but be careful... Hands without a regular blood flow won't be able to turn the keys! Instead of behind the back, perhaps to each side of your waist with a chain belt, or even on a short chain to a collar.

Above the head... Try not to do this, even if you are fully supported the blood will drain from your arms / hands, and it will be very difficult, possibly fatal trying to get out of that one. From time to time I've been known to chain my hands above my head for hours on end, however, I was, and will be, HORIZONTAL, on a bed! If you're intent on this scene, then limit it to an hour!


Don't go cheap... Go treat yourself and buy some nice locks, throw in a few combination locks there whilst you're at it. Cheap locks get stuck, especially when they get "moist", so don't do it!

Your Neck

You, yes you. Don't put ANYTHING what so ever around your neck unless you have a partner very handy. Lack of AIR will KILL you DEAD, QUICKLY.

Panic Snaps

Go get some, have a look in the Links section at the suppliers. Very handy things which can save you sometimes!


Keep it real. Most people get really turned on (I know I do!) by the idea of days and days of tight bondage. Don't even go thinking you can do it in real life, your body needs to move to prevent blood clots and keep away cramp. You need food. You need water. You need the toilet. Keep it to overnight at the most, yes, even with a partner at your beck and call. You can spend a longer period of time in loose bondage, which can (Trust me!) be very secure and confining at the same time, but keep in mind Move / Water / Food / Toilet, these things are not optional to living.


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