Six ring harness self bondage technique

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You will need 2 lengths of rope (10' and 20' should be fine) and 6 rings. I just used dollar store shower rings.

Step 1: take the longer rope and place it around the tied person's neck at the half-way point.

Step 2: place the first ring at around the collar bone, feed the rope through it to make a bight.

Step 3: pull the rope tail through the bight, securing that side of the ring.

Step 4: repeat for the opposite side of the ring

Step 5: do the same for the second ring, just slightly below the first

Step 6: now bring the ropes back

Step 7: and cross before bringing around front again

Step 8: repeat steps 2-4 for a third ring just below the ribs

Step 9: cross again at the back like step 7 then hold 2 rings in place at the hip bones as shown.

Step 10: feed the rope through one side of each ring, t bring it around back and tie off. Keep holding the two hip rings securely.

Step 11: take a new rope and thread it through each of the hip rings, pulling tight.

Step 12: add the final ring, securing in place as shown previously

Step 13: pull tight and bring the ropes back

Step 14: tie off now you'll have two knots with tails, one at the waist and one at the hips

Step 15: bring both forward and hook through the bottom of the lowest ring.

Step 16: bring all four strands back between the legs

hook one side in the waist line temporarily while burning the opposite side

Step 17: burn all excess rope by twirling around the hip lines.


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