How to tie yourself in an armbinder

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Always wanted to tie yourself up in an armbinder but never knew how to do it? affraid someone might find out? don't look any further because the solution is here! Read the following steps and you will find your self in an armbinder in no time. To start: the first thing you need are jogging trousers or something similar (leather strech legging for that nice leather look!?). Mention the trousers on the right here with the cords on the waist (de cords are important if you want to have max pleasure!).

First you should test if the trousers are big enough for your head to slide through all the way to the end. if you can reach the end then you will be able to put your hair through like a pony tail. Further you should test wether you can breathe through the fabric. If you cannot then for safety reasons get another fabric trousers. Or make a hole in one side of the trousers, to put the trousers on properly, put it up side down on your head with one sleeve to slide your head in, and the other sleeve on your back. (a 90 degree turn). Now for the first step put it all the way over your head. (Notice that the cords are loose at this moment).

Put your arms down and now cover one shoulder with one hand. Repeat this step with the other side. Keep an eye on where the cords are. They should stay on the side so you can reach them easier later.

Now pull your head all the way through the sleeve. At the end it might be really tight, but the tighter the better right? (this is why a breathe through fabric is much more safer). At this point you will probably notice you canít see anything. So pull your head through once, mark the spots of your eyes, and make holes in the trousers. (If someone asks what happened to it. you can simply reply that you tore it open somewhere...

When you have your head through the whole sleeve, put (if you have it) your hair or ponytail through the opening of the sleeve. Off course you can modify the trousers all the way you want it to be. For our girl we cutted away all the spare fabric that first hung around her nek and made two holes in the sleeve to look through.

Put your hands on your back and reach for the sleeve. This is why the trousers should be strechy because this way you can pull it down to put your arms in. This might be a bit of a tight squeeze but at this point you can probably still get out of it very quickly and fast.

Push your arms all the way through the sleeve until they are free on the back side, for safety reasons first check if your arms fit through it without any problems. If it is too tight then you might already be stuck at this point because the sleeve wont slide of your arms...

When you have pushed your arms through, reach with both arms to the side of the trousers where the cords are hanging, pull them tight so the trousers will get tighter around your shoulders. This prevents you from pulling out your arms from now on.

Finally to fully close your arms in. you can try to pull your arms in the sleeve, and tie a knot in the end of the sleeve. Offcourse you can add or change this to whatever you want. Or let someone ebe make a knot on the outside so you cannot escape on your own anymore...


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