Homemade time release for self bondage

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Super simple and works great! Costed like $5 from Home Depot. Top has a slit that you can put whatever in to freeze. Then when melted, it comes right out.
ice release for self bondage

You can use this in self bondage your can also use it on your slave... Like tie up slave in hogtie but use this device in the middle and use the ring the slave can't get out until the ice melts... Could be used to hook a slave to eyebolts in the ceiling going into the ring and again the slave can't put arms down until I've melts... I've made these as well they work great... And to add to the scene the ice melts and drips on the slave...

ice release for self bondage

With that one, Iíve learned that it would be best to add a ring to tie to to the other side and keep caps from coming off. But .. thatís a big chunk of ice so youíre looking at a couple hours if made right :)

ice release for self bondage


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