The first Ice time and notes on additional stimulation

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The first time I did the self bondage thing properly was after reading an Internet article on the stocking & ice method of release, I can't describe how wonderful it was to be locked up for a almost unknown amount of time. The first time I used this method I decided to pick a time when I had over 24 hours to play, and not knowing how fast the ice would melt meant I was in for an unknown wait! Now if you're into self bondage you'll know how excited that can make you, needless to say when the actual day came around I was nervous, never before had I trusted such a method, before I'd always had some access to the keys, and relied on self discipline to make the session last...

In the end the first session lasted about two hours, and they're still two hours which I remember well; since then I've learnt how long the ice takes to melt at what temperature and can roughly gauge how long the session will last.


Boredom and Toys

One of the most important things I needed to consider was the aspects of boredom, I think this is an important consideration in any self bondage scenario. Think, if you're going to be bound up for hours on end, what is your mind going to do - I know you're first answer is enjoy the bondage, but soon enough the boredom kicks in; so leave some music playing, enough to last the entire time... Sometimes the music you chose to play can enhance the whole scene - go blow you mind... Of course if you're not blindfolded you can always put on a long porno, which is always a bonus.

If it is a scenario where you're in relative comfort, e.g. on a bed, you can always consider taking a quick nap. There are a couple of things to consider in that act... Whilst waking up bound and gagged etc will blow your mind there are dangers as well. If you're gagged, there is a danger of suffocation and / or choking on your own sick, it is my advice not to wear a gag of any kind which either restricts your air supply or would trap any vomit in your mouth. (Pretty boring, but to be honest - I'd rather be bored than dead!). If you're intent on wearing a gag, I suggest you find someone to play with, someone who you'd trust with your very life, as that is what you'd be doing!

Waking up bound is quite a risky thing to do if you're a person who is inclined twitch and or stretch, not too bad if you're using rope, however if there is chain involved you could cause yourself an injury, so be warned!

Personally, I take all three things on (Not at the same time though!), sometimes when blindfolded I put on some music, when clear I'll put on a film or (ahem) a porno, and when on the bed for a long session I'll tend to either do an all-nighter or take a little nap, however when that is the case I usually make sure there is some extra slack in the chains!

Long bondage... There are couple of things to consider in extended (More than a couple of hours long) scenarios; the first of those is comfort. It may give you extra thrills to add some pain and excitement, but think carefully first... There is a method, when in a kneeling position to place a strip of rice on each knee with a few grains of uncooked rice on the inside - this can be VERY painful and in some cases can break the skin when done for extended periods of time. Other stimulations such as nipple clamps / itching powder / thistles / nettles / ice / wax / pegs on the genitals / various vibrators / TENS units, to mention a few can all be used in moderation, however think carefully of the duration before you really get yourself in trouble. Oh, and don't forget to visit the toilet before embarking on the longer scenes, unless you're after that wet feeling of course!

A thing to consider when thinking of longer sessions is that you can always plan a couple of shorter things to fit in the same night, for example a four hour nice relaxed session chained up to a wall or bed with perhaps a vibrator or TENS machine for comfort, and then a long crawl to finish up with.

Personally I tend to limit sessions to about eight hours; I can cope with most of the milder / medium optional extras for that length of time. The only time I would have a longer experience is perhaps when simply hobbled for the weekend or a few days, then to a certain extent you can add and subtract the optional extras as you see fit, mini-scenes if you wish!

Dressing Up

A great way to spice up any session is with those special clothes, stockings / pantyhose / tights / heels / boots etc... (And this goes for the men out there too!) The extra thrills a little dressup action can bring are amazing, especially if you're going to do some outdoors bondage!

This is one of the best things you can in the long walk / long crawl types of scene... you'll feel like a complete slut especially if seen by someone else. As for the men, haven't you ever wanted to feel the tight nylon against your skin, or the way your legs move in those 4 inch high heels?

Talking of heels, make sure you lock 'em on using a little chain, or if you can afford it, get a pair of lockables from a bondage store.


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