Ice Safety in self bondage

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This section contains a summary of the safety information from the Ice in Ice
Bondage Section, plus a few additional points

Please see The General Bondage Safety Pages for more safety information

The most important Ice Safety tip you can ever learn and follow is have backups

Backups - don't just stop at one, things do go wrong, so have a few lined up.
NEVER NEVER NEVER go into anything where you don't have at least two backup
methods lined up for a sure-fire release. Remember, if you're on your own, and
things do go wrong you only have your backups to save you. Don't be stupid, pay
attention and use your backups.

The Human Backup

A friend (With keys to your place) coming over in x number of hours for
something, with this one, don't leave it to chance - leave them a note where
they'll find it and come free you should the worst happen. You may even end up
with a new play partner through this method - you never know who'll enjoy this
lark! Don't be silly though and invite someone so prudish they'd call the police
or an ambulance or something like that! Beware that people change their plans,
and if you're bound up when the person calls to tell you this, then... well.
Also chose your friends for this very carefully, if your "friend" took advantage
(And no, that's not in the kinky way) it would nasty, very nasty.

Mail Backup

If you've mailed yourself the keys and not used ice, or used ice in conjunction
with mailing yourself the keys (Overnight bondage with the keys not even in the
house is... wow!) mail yourself at least TWO sets of keys, ensure there's no
postal strike coming up, and the letters don't have to be signed for!

Be Real

Be Realistic, being completely immobile for an entire weekend might sound like
fun, but as said before - remember you're human, you need food, toilet, washing,
and cramp is never good, keep it to a few hours, or overnight at the most.

Staggered Backups

Use a minimum of two backup methods, i.e. as well as your primary method of
escape, use two others, these can be staggered in terms of the amount of time in
which they kick in, so whilst safety is ensured, additional thrills can also be

Timed Lights and Combination Locks

Try not to rely on something which might not happen, i.e. if the power goes off
and you're stuck in a room with no window twiddling with a combination lock you
can't see, you're screwed! This might also happen if the bulb in your light
goes, remember they blow when you turn 'em on quite a lot (You can combat that a
little by using two lights of different types). DON'T forget to set the timers
(Of course you'd be using two lights and two timers!) when you're using this
method! Don't forget about using the sun for this, it won't blow out like a
light bulb any time soon.

Temperature Notes

Temperature - MAKE SURE the ice will MELT... This is something so simple it
could be easily overlooked. This is especially true if you're using an ice
method as an additional escape plan...

The Sticky End

A sticky or messy end! There are several versions of this one, generally they
consist of a key (Attached to a LARGE key ring and string) in the bottom of an
open container of something nasty / sticky which you can pull down on yourself
or something valueable in the event of an emergency... Depending on how nasty
you've managed to think, it could be used motor oil, treacle, urine, sour milk,
cooking oil... The idea is to make it sooo bad that you won't use it except in a
real emergency! And remember you'll have to explain the mess and possible damage
to property to the other people who live there - it may also cost you money
having to replace an oil damaged carpet! With this method, make sure you can
hang onto the key which is tipped out of the container in question - hence the
large key ring / string. Don't forget to secure the container so that it doesn't
fall on you an injure when tipped! You may like to ensure that it isn't tipped
over too easily as well, an accident which left things damaged needlessly would
be a huge disapointment, not to mention costly.

Icky Drink

The icky drink one... A tipable container fixed to a shelf with a key at the
bottom which you can only get at after draining the container! Make sure you
don't use anything poisonous! But make it as nasty as you can, again good
example of this is urine. Be warned with this method, you may end up being
sick... And Make SURE you're NOT gagged for this one! Make sure you weight the
key well enough so it will fall out, you might also tie a string to it as to
ensure it goes in the correct place, not bounces off under something. As with
all methods TEST IT with something like water beforehand.


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