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This is a Portable Spanking Bench I built, and it has served us and our friends well. I can't tell you how to make one *exactly* like it, because I don't have a source for the core part, the metal frame. I'm writing this to share how *this* one was made, and hope some of the ideas I've incorporated into it may be helpful in your personal designs.

BIG NEWS!!  Plans for the wooden version of this bench, called the Folding Bench, have been completed.  For more information, see that item's web page by clicking here.

The Bench was designed to be comfortable for people of all sizes, and to allow for breast play, which it does nicely.

The Bench breaks down and is transported in a nylon Bow bag 48x18x4 inches.  It would attract less attention if it wasn't camouflage green, but it's easier to transport now that it's all in one package.

I found the metal frame in a Goodwill Thrift store. It was part of a home exercise system consisting of a padded benchtop that slid up and down an inclined set of rails as the victim pulled on a set of cables. The frame supported the upper end of the incline. It's similar to the server's tables used to support trays in restaurants, except that the legs are not the same length front and back, and that the back legs are bent at the bottom so that they are straight up where they meet the floor. One side of the top is higher than the other so that when it folds one is under the other. This causes the top to be angled so that the near edge of the top is lower than the far one.

One of the criteria was that it be quick to setup and take down, so all the hardware is 1/4" eyebolts with imbedded metal insert threads in the wood so it can be assembled and taken apart with no tools. I like to use eyebolts and inserts because the don't wear out as a wood and screw assembly would, and because the eye of the bolt is big enough to turn barehanded, and no tools are needed for assembly.

The Floor Support was constructed by taking a piece of 2x4 lumber and drilling two 1" holes down through it for the back legs to drop down into. A 5/16" hole was then drilled through the 2x4 front to back for for a 1/4" eyebolt to go through the leg and screw into a 1/4" threaded insert and secure the leg to the wood. 1/4" eyebolts are mounted at the ends into threaded Tee-nuts to provide attachment points for ankle cuffs.

The top of the bench is a piece of 2x10 lumber, approximately 17" wide. It's padded with dense foam and covered with a thick black naugahide. The top is attached to the frame with metal conduit clips on one side of the frame. The other side of the frame has a hole drilled through it for a 1/4" eyebolt to pass both the frame and the top into a Tee-nut in imbedded in the top surface of the top before it was upholstered. This eyebolt secures the top when the Bench is setup.

<>p Here is a side view of the Bench. In this picture you can clearly see the strut that is hinged down to provide support for the upper padded bar. The hinge is a common 3" door hinge, the brace and strut are 2x4" lumber.

This support strut made a *BIG* difference in the stability of the bench, and to the secure feeling the sub gets laying on it. The space between the upper bar and the benchtop provides easy access to the submissive's breasts or chest. The crosspiece is made from a 2x4, routed out to fit snugly down around the support.  It is attached with a 1/4" eyebolt threaded into a tee-nut imbedded in the wood before it was padded and covered.You can see two short lengths of chain hanging down from the upper bar's attachment bolt that provide a place to attach wrist cuffs.  

Here's a picture of the bench with the top unfastened and folded down. In this picture, you can clearly see the several of the construction details of the bench. The metal conduit clips that attach the benchtop to the frame can be clearly seen, as well as the way that the support arm is countercut into the bench top. When the bench is folded down against the frame, notice that the support strut is hinged so that it falls up against the frame when folded.

Here's the bench folded to slide into a closet or under a bed. The Bench is easy to hide out of the way in this configuration.


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