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Build an automatic flagellation machine, capable of administering three (ceiling fan motor speeds) levels of horizontal (or vertical) whipping at an adjustable height.

The device should be able to;

  • Start and stop at predetermined times by a timer mechanism at its base
  • Automatically adjust levels of speed already built into the motor circuitry.
  • Effectively distribute the impact evenly across the target area.
  1. One (1) motor base, wooden platform large enough for stability (4' sq.?).
  2. One (1) motor, ceiling fan inverted with leather whipping cords attached.
  3. One vacation timer, two or three-event.

Sounds simple enough, right?

This device as I've imagined it is described in Tracy's Weekend Part One. The story and the spanking machine were both complete fiction, as you probably know, but what if you wanted to design and build one? This thing is designed to allow you to get yourself tied up and in place before letting go across your body with rotating leather straps for a length of time that you select. This has all been just ideas so far, no prototype model or even an experimental simulation has been constructed as of yet. The whipping motion might be better served by some kind of dual servo-driven weighted arms or something with paddles or tawses attached. The whole point is to build some kind of stable device that allows for some kind of flagellating movement of reasonable force and accuracy.

Repetitive impacts to a sensitive area need not be forceful, but after two or three hundred light smacks to a certain area you might be inclined to scream.

Wooden Base:

Maybe about a four foot square base with a 4"x4" post to support the motor; dowel holes and/or bolts can be added in the post assembly to facilitate differences in height (i.e. on hands and knees, kneeling or standing). The base is already assumed heavy, and this will obviously add a little more weight. Allowances must be made in the platform, possibly a "C" shape, if spankee is not going to be standing or kneeling on the platform itself.

Given enough space and weight, a set of pillories and horse seems to be the best method of restraining said spankee, possibly with two fixed posts and two whipping motors within range of buttocks or breasts.

Whipping Motor:

Generally, ceiling fan motors are inexpensive, easily purchased and come equipped with three speeds; it's not certain how much a full set of leather thongs will affect the speeds in raw weight, but a small vicelike attachment at the end of each blade holder should allow for easy adjustment of leather strap/thong quantity and length.

Most ceiling fans come with four blades; it's not certain if the straps should be attached to one, two or four of them at once.

CS: Again, experimentation will determine this.  One attachment may work, if the attachment is not very heavy. Otherwise, the motor may go off-balance at high speeds. You'd need a counterweight on the opposing arm, even if all it is is a bag of fishing weights.

Exact placement of striking zone is critical; impact may be too weak in one section and too strong in another. Maybe it would make sense to build in some kind of hinge into the arms that would transfer less or more force before or at the peak of impact.

CS: An inflexible tool, like a crop or paddle, could be interesting, but I think you'd have to attach them to a spring mechanism, kind of like a trap door; after "X" amount of force, the spring gives, only to return to position for the next cycle.

One possible design would be two motors offset on a common arm; the arm can be swiveled and elevated off main post with a counterweight -- paired motors can be adjusted for speed, reversed direction and elevation quickly and easily.

CS: I doubt that the slow speed (or even the medium speed) may be sufficient to produce any noticeable effect. Granted, this will largely be dependent on the tool (a crop will behave very differently from a leather thong or a paddle). Any sort of strand will have different effects based on their length; a 2' cord vs. a 4' one will act and feel very different. Here, we are talking about the difference between mass and speed. Even a single knot (or series of knots) will behave very differently.


A simple vacation timer can be wired in very easily. The better ones have two or three on/off cycles a day, but I believe they are set in one hour units, which might be a bit long with two or four leather flails set on "high". I'm sure Rat Shack has some kind of kit available to make this timer idea a little more useful.

No research has been done yet on a way to randomly change the speed of the motor through the timer unit or additional circuitry. However, several devices can be added to activate the motor besides a standard timer, possibly closing the next higher speed circuit. Some ideas:

  • Thermostat. When temperature drops (or rises) above a set point, machine starts.
  • CDS cell (nighttime motion sensor light). One of these outdoor lights (or a simple circuit with relay) activates machine when lights go out (or on).
  • Sound detection. Circuit must also allow for a set time to pass before subsequent deactivation of motor.
  • Simple light switch.
CS: To the CDS cell idea, I think this could be interesting. For example, any time the subject were to move sufficiently to set off the motion detector, then the machine would start whipping for "X" minutes. This can also be used with the sound detector, as well. An idea akin to the light switch is to put a break in the circuit, that is closed by some action of the spankee. For example, tape one wire to the floor and the other to the heel of the subject, so that he/she is forced to stand on tiptoe; when the subject fails to do so, then the machine starts up. Unfortunately, if the subject makes and breaks contact repeatedly and quickly, then nothing significant will happen. Perhaps the circuit should go a light bulb, which in turn activates a light sensor, which starts the machine for "X" minutes!

Add-ons can be designed to connect into machine. Some basic ideas are:

  • Motion sensor light outside; machine activates and runs each time movement is detected by device (people, vehicles or trees, depending on sensitivity of motion sensor).
  • Push-button. Machine is remote-activated by mate, pets or innocent bystander.
  • Sound, radio, PC sound card, etc.
The clamping devices on the motor arms will be a design in themselves; they should allow for alternate devices to be attached easily and securely. Examples are:
  • looped rope
  • very flexible canes and/or sapling clippings
  • long, durable feathers
  • bunched or singled weed-whacker plastic line
  • any other appropriately flexible items
Eventual Distribution of Product:

Depending on design uniqueness and difficulty of manufacture, completed machine may be distributed two ways:

  1. Manufactured on site, tested and then shipped to consumer for a reasonable price to cover design, materials, labor and shipping costs.
  2. Designs, blueprints and detailed instructions offered free on website to allow construction of machine by consumer.
I know TENS units and other electrical toys are much easier to modify and use for our purposes but our objective here is to make a flagellation machine.


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