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Here are some finished shots of my frame stocks. They're not quite done, but the only thing left to do is attach closures... hasp/staples or locking draw latches. Stock board #3 is lying on the floor, since without a catch there isn't anything to hold it in place. Note that I used eyebolts to secure the base, providing some extra attachment points. Frame Stocks Frame Stocks Frame Stocks

Two close-up shots. The first is the critical junction between base and upright. Note the recessed nut, and the way the channels come together. Because the vertical channels go all the way through, the fifth stock board (#3) can be put in place from the bottom. The horizontal channels run right up to the upright member. Frame Stocks

The washed-out picture below is the top of an upright, with stock board #1 in place. This shows the cross-section of the aluminum channel I used, and the depth/width of the channels in the upright. Frame Stocks

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