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There was always something dreadful about facing Ann. Carol had to admit she liked what she and
Ann eventually did. But she hated doing it all in front of the womans pimply-faced kid, Albert.
Recently, she had gone to an analyst, recommended by Ann, and had spoken at length with the
woman. It had been a female analyst, naturally. She would never have had anything to do with a
male analyst. After only three sessions with the analyst, the woman had suggested that Carol had best stop living
with Ann and find a healthy relationship with a male, in spite of the “horrible experience” she had
undergone when she had been younger. In spite of what Carol believed, she was really heterosexual.
“I refuse to believe that,” Carol replied.

Carols experience had taken place seven years earlier, in her mid-teens. She had not thought of
her parents as being out-of-the ordinary, though she had to admit in the last year, ever since she had
developed, her stepfather, who had lived with her mother for as long as Carol had been able to
remember, had been looking at her in a funny way.
One evening, she had come home from school late, and had put her books on the hall table in the
small ranch house. Actually it was a living room table, because there was no real hall. As one
entered the house, the living room was on the left, the hall closet was on the right.
After hanging up her coat in the hall closet, she had been about to walk straight ahead into the
kitchen when she had heard smacking sounds off to her right, just past the hall closet. The sounds
were coming from behind the partially closed door of the master bedroom.
Carol had no idea what the sounds might be, and at first was frightened enough to want to call the
police. She was afraid someone had broken in and was hurting her mother and stepfather.
Carol moved closer to the bedroom door, listening, trying to decide what to do. Seeing the door
more than a little ajar, she pushed it open and looked in.
Carol was unable to believe what she was seeing. It seemed like something out of a bad dream.
There, lying on the bed, in an incredibly bound position, was her mother, totally naked. Her arms
were free, dangling down on either side of the twin bed, but her legs had been yanked up over her
head and her ankles had been tied to the headboard. All her weight was on her shoulders and back.
Carol saw her mothers buttocks and vagina were completely exposed since her ankles were tied
wide apart. The woman, who was neither pretty nor ugly, looked extremely uncomfortable in that
vulnerable position. Her stepfather was standing there, a flat leather belt in his hand, his arm back,
ready to strike. He, too, was naked, a slightly paunchy, grizzle-faced man, about five-feet- eight-
inches in height who always spoke in short grunts. He was covered with hair and looked like a
Up until that moment, Carol had no idea her parents even indulged in sex, much less anything that
kinky. In fact, she and some of her girlfriends would often joke about their various parents, trying
decide which ones wanted nothing to do with sex, and Carols parents invariably headed the list.
Therefore this was quite a surprise for the young girl.
Carols stepfather looked as if he was in a rape, and her mothers rounded, red asscheeks appeared
to be paying for the mans anger. Each time the stout man whipped her buttocks, the helpless
mousey woman on the bed would scream, and another large, flat red mark would adorn her
All this time, Carols stepfather had his back to her, but when he moved around to the other side of
the bed to get a clear shot at her mothers right rump, she had a good look at the front of the pot-
bellied man, At first, all she saw was a mountain of hair. He looked like something between the
Abominable Snowman and Bigfoot. There was so much hair on him, it was impossible to see the
flesh on his chest.

with any other man. Jesus! Twenty years of lousy fucking, and Id never even known it.” “Oh,
youre a real fucking bitch, arent you,” he bellowed at her, bringing the belt against her buttocks
all the harder.” Then he started lashing away at the sides of her body, the belt reaching in and
hitting the womans breasts, as well. He reached out, grabbed a nipple, and started twisting, and
that was when the woman began screaming all the louder. He grunted, and then laughed at her.
The woman tried clawing at him, but he moved back out of reach. All the time he was in a rage.
“Now Im gonna do something to you you aint had done by me before, you bitch!” he roared at his
wife. “Tell me, did your new lover ever fuck you this way” He kneed his way onto the narrow bed,
moving his jutting cock at the womans helplessly puckered asshole. As he rubbed the head of his
cock against the womans anal opening, Carol saw her mother beginning to weep out loud. What
her stepfather was doing was obviously abusive and humiliating. It was wrong! The girl watched as
her mother shrieked, and she began worrying that the neighbors might hear and call the police. Her
father was also screaming aloud, cursing her mother, telling her what a hot-assed, fucking bitch she
was, who didnt know a good cock when she had it, and was going to pay for going elsewhere.
He was pushing his cock into the womans, asshole, and as Carol watched, she saw the organ sink
all the way in. He began pumping back and forth, and each time the cock came out, it was just as
clean as when it went in. It seemed to move easily enough, yet Carol was certain her mother must
be feeling some kind of pain.
Her stepfather was justified in being mad at her mother for cheating on him. But it was obvious his
real anger was not so much in her cheating as in discovering that she preferred her lover to him.
While the man continued fucking his wifes ass, his fingers reached out and poked themselves into
her widespread cuntlips. He pushed his fingers in and out. At first, he was poking one finger into
her. Then he poked a second finger into her. Soon he was working in three fingers. After a while it
looked as if he was going to ram his whole fist into her mothers tiny little vagina. All the while,
Carol saw her mother was reaching out and trying to scratch her father. Now and again she
managed to cut his skin with a fingernail. But the man seemed to be ignoring what the woman was
doing to her. In fact, he seemed to be loving it, and this seemed to be the reason why he hadnt
bound her wrists to the bed, as well.
“Im gonna make your cunt so wide, a Mack Truckll drive right through it,” he snorted. “Then no
other cockll fit in there.” Carpi was aware of how thick her stepfathers fist was, and she was only
too aware of the fact that he really intended punching into the tiny little interstice between her
mothers labia. She didnt dare allow this to happen, and so she stepped into the room, screaming,
“No! Youll kill her! Dont do that!” The two people on the bed whipped their heads around to look
at her, both totally taken by surprise for an instant. Her stepfather tugged his hand away from her
mothers cunt, and his bright eyes seemed to be glaring at her with unrestrained anger.
Perhaps the thing that confused Carol was the fact that her own mother seemed to be glaring at her
with anger, too. She actually looked irritated that Carol interrupted what was happening.
That was when the horror began for Carol. Her stepfather pulled his cock from her mothers ass and
leaped off the bed, coming for Carol.
Having no desire to face the mans wrath, the girl turned and ran from the room. But before she had
gotten to the front door, her stepfathers heavy hand was gripping her arm and yanking her back.
Carol struggled, kicking, biting, scratching, but the gruff man appeared to be enjoying it all as he
smacked her face, then threw her to the floor. He dragged her by her ankle back to the bedroom,
then bent down, hoisted her, and threw her on the bed against her obscenely bound mother. He
ripped at her clothing, tearing her blouse. She spat at him, kicked, struggled, and screamed, so he
jammed a dirty hanky into her mouth. When she tried pulling it out, he gripped both her wrists,
tugged them behind her back, and used her skirt-belt to tie them there. Then he pulled her shoes
from her kicking feet, ripped off part of her nylon pantyhose, and tied the gag in place.

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